Would Minecraft Steve STARVE to Death? | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft


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    Video 19 of posting about otamatone lore

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    Help I just ate 4 brownies all at once

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    Okay, so long story short, I have no thyroid gland, so I need to take supplements which makes me unable to feel full unless I'm full-full. Antidepressants don't change anything for me as I already have a fricked body, so have fun with that Info y'all.

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    minecat is my discord name

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    Id like to remind everyone that Steve and Alex are running many meters per second and just casually leap an entire meter off the ground

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    I'm genuinely interested in Austin's story today Also 11:06 Best possible description of bread

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    Better question, how does steve eat and not sh*t?

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    steve can't die of hunger

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    17:40 Despite being called food the glycerine melon slice can not be eaten somehow... I think it's a potion thing

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    ahh i hate ostin

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    Punches trees with bare hands, kills 1000s of zombies, has strength to make diamond tools and tear down a mountain, swims across lava (for not too long) and survives, single-handedly defeats ender dragon, *starves to death*

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    10:45 an american talks about incredible tasting bread.... I feel kind of triggered. He can't be talking about american bread

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    im eating dinner right now and i am somehow getting HUNGRIER while watching this

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    Screaming man?

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    3.40: Sims 4: Am i a Joke to you?

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    Is anyone concerned about this guy because he seems to be a bit strange I just don’t know but somethings off about him because of the way how do you seen some crazy well his new reading this theory I don’t know it just makes me uncomfortable I think that he sounds like he skipped a mental hospital

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    Steve suck

  • JojoSpeedy7 Cloe
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    Ayyyyyy! Medication buddies!

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    I do feel you on the meds. I’ve been on Prozac since like forever and just started Wellbutrin this year and yeah… I’m a functional adult now yay

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    I love all theories but also have a special love for Austin’s bits

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    Wait who is he ?? WHERE'S MATPAT!!!!!

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    having god-like strength has its draw backs

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    In minecraft before 1.5 release I believe, I may be wrong, if you sit at the very edge of lava, your hunger for some weird reason will drop EXTREMELY fast.

  • thegreatzakhan (archive)
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    So when you stepped in lava and need to eat it is better to have lower saturation points so you will be able eat faster.

  • A Monke
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    Steve/Alex is weirdly OP. 1. He/she can jump one meter easily. 2. He/she can carry a lot using shulker boxes. There are 27 slots in a shulker box. There are 36 spots in inventory. This is a total of 972 slots. Gold blocks Gold is stackable, so this means that there are 972*64 Gold blocks to fit in. 972*64=1000*64-28*64=64000-1920+128=64000-1820+28=64000-1792=62208. 62208 gold blocks. Even this much sticks would be impressive. Gold is 19.3 times as heavy as water. 1 cubic centimeter of water is one gram of water. 1 block of water is 1000 kilos (1 block is 1 meter). I was really surprised I found that. Gold is at least 10x as heavy as water, so the would be 62,208*1,000*10=622,080,000 kilos.

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    Where is mat pat??

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    Me: Looks at thumbnail Also me: Looks at my Minecraft character who’s been on the same world for 468 Minecraft days and hasn’t starved My Minecraft Avatar: No

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    In rdr2 if you eat too many provisions in a short period of time you can gain weight

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    You see the problem with your play style is that you dont mash the game to its max GET BEST ENCHANTS POSSIBLE BUILD A FLIPIN SKY SCRAPER MAKE ABSOLUTLY EVERY FARM AND MAKE EVERYTHING AUTOMATIC You see that is fun

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    Any post on ( backwards) s'cav are removed

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    why are we not saying stuff about how fast steve can eat a cake

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    Damit you have done it. Its 3 am and i need bread now.

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    nah he died of dead not starvation

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    I was too tired to do math I thought 14 was actually the answer

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    Good theory. But there is one problem. Steve is God ( because he can pick up so much weight that he can pick up anything ). So he need A LOT of energy to be even alive.

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    Darn you Austin. I want bread now.

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    Cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

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    pfff lmao sertraline got meee

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    I like when he says skeleboi

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    were is matpat

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    Him: It turns night so you sprint, swim, jump and fight to stay alive. Me: if it’s night, I just dig 3 blocks down and place a dirt block above me, make the underground space 3x3 place a crafting table and a oven heater thing, craft what you can and wil need and just wait it out, you can also make a wood pick and start getting some cobblestone.

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    hey im disappointed, where's the usual ending

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    Do you think this should've been on the food theory channel instead of the game theroy one?

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    When i hear it s austin, i know i will love it

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    Yay Austin!....I still need to know if he's related to mattpat

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    He's not, they are friends

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    you should do a vid about phantoms and the insomnia

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    Steve can also eat dead human flesh. WAIT

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    Its not haven its heaven

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    Every day I appreciate Austin choice of music

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    Same weakness as the Flash! He has to have a constant calorie intake or he can starve in minutes while running.

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    if you were speed running to die via starvation couldnt u just get injured for the regen or eat rotten flesh?

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    Gta San Andreas has the best food system in any video game Change my mind

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    i just got on wellbutrin too i love it i feel so energized

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    I Still dont understand it

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    A SKELEBOI over there-austin 2021

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    when he said 'minecraft is full of food': I counted 5-6 things that you cant actually eat by its self. like: sugar wheat glistening melon eggs cocoa beans pufferfish (you can eat it but it sucks)

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    1:29 I was making a game while watching this and forgot to add cheese, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REMINDING ME TO ADD CHEESE!!!!

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    I like Matpat better 😒

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    7:20 not sure about anyone else but none of this has ever happened to me

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    Dear Austin this is batman Stay out of the bat cave

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    Real Minecraft OG players understand saturation and shoot for early high saturation as soon as possible Beef and then after gold farm Golden Carrots. Because why not. Saturation is absolutely VERY important in Minecraft. Try eating dried 🥬 kelp as a food source. With low saturation you lose hunger too quick.

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    I gotta tell you something boy watermelon is better then stupid cheese

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    I enjoy how he describes how he plays. Me and friends are literly working on a gulag for the retarded villagers that don't trade.

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    Popeye, put down your spinach and step aside for the next food-powered superhuman: Steve, and his French Bread Powers!

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    I like cheese.

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    Austin just created a new Minecraft speedrun category.

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    I literally take both those meds at the same time 🥲

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    The chees es are in the pizza mod and the rat mud yeah

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    Dude, there's dandruff in the hair of your picture face. That is gross man.

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    The death. The Dear Mojang,

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    I almost forgot about this cuz I didn’t say something last night when I watched it but what about when your running, jumping, and hitting ur head against the top of a block cuz that drains ur hunger really really quickly

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    i didnt understand a single thing..

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    Run upstairs blocks

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    Quick answer: yes

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    George: screams Austin: shouts

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    Me: laughs in Bedrock edition.

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    Anyone notice he was playing bedrock edition

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    Why is it every time i watch him hes ether sick or nameing a new drug i can be a pharmacist just watching this guy

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    Bye, when he said Wellbutrin I got trauma flashbacks from the psychward rgouwEFLUWBEWBUE

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    11:24 hahahahaha minecat it should be a game right who wold play i will

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    If you want cheese here you go Food update

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    Mo gan add cheese in Minecraft

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    You seriously need to check up on your presentation of measurements and units. It's called Kcal and not cal thus kilocalories (lazy people call it calories because they don't know any better). You've also had a bad habit of mixing mili (m) with mega (M) when denoting a factor or scale. For someone who puts so much effort into these calculations I would expect the units to be in order.

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    Shut up.

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    Cheese would be similar to coppers oxidization as over time it changes its state but it might be crafted with a fermented spider eye because well fermented is old and cheese is aged milk

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    Austin needs to theorize Portal Reloaded !

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    I gotta ask, whats in your hair?

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    What is the name of a song in the begging 🥺 please help

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    The only thing still good about game theory is Austin’s the science

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    Guy so hungry that it can't even be called hunger, it's humber now

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    The 666 at the end of the 91,666 calories was kinda strange how it worked out that way.

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    i don’t know why, but it just seems inappropriate to be talking about your medication habits during a,,,,, minecraft video. especially considering the target audience like it’s just not necessary

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    Where mat :///////

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    😂🤣🤣🤣 rocket sh*t steeve with durpy eyes should be a painting

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    I spent my entire life thinking the hunger bar on Minecraft was a chicken leg dipped in Ketchup.

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    Uh oh .. Austin used the wrong "Calorie". So the word calorie is spelled with an upper case OR lower case C. If it is lowercase, it represents a different numeric value. I want to say that 1000 calories is the same value as 1 Calorie, with a big C. Anyway-