What FNAF's New Look Means For The Future of Gaming | The SCIENCE of... Ray Tracing


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    Video 10 of posting about otamatone lore

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    I would love a MatPat animatronic.

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    What is the game at 7:14 where they are fighting a beholder?

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    are you talking about video games, movies, or pictures, Jesus christ bud.

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    1:14 we like fortnite

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    grapichs is not everything, its just a +. game play and story is more it for me.

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    Am I the only on who thought ennard is puppets brother because of old memories

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    And now you can talk about ray marching :)

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    Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

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    What does this have to do with fnaf (out of curiosity)

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    Me whenever I watch Austin’s videos: yeah,yeah obviously because of the thingy connected thought that thingy,right?

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    16:09 that sounded like dream

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    I always wanted to know if it was snow or dandruff on Austin's stick figure pic 🤣🤣

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    Great video! Fascinating bitesize look at ray tracing (new rasterization).

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    You are talking about path tracing!!!

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    Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

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    6:58 only game I can think of with phong is TF2

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    Ray Tracing in a nutshell: Mirrors, *EVERYWHERE*

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    What who the hell is this guy who is he someone tell me

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    2:05 whats on the screen?

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    The future of white nationalism for scott

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    Not sure if I missed it somehow, but where was this about FNAF exactly? All I saw was that it's about Ray tracing and Rasterization....

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    Computers are wack

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    19:02 Me: OH NO NOT AGAIN

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    so thats why minecraft with ray tracing doesnt allow certain devices! now i understand! thanks! also i liked :}

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    Can't wait for a AAA horror game to use ray tracing right

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    Ray tracing is way overrated in most cases its just meh but it can be awesome if used it the right kinda games aka control and ratchet and clank used it right resident evil village was just meh..... Why

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    It’s the type of raytracing global illumination or ray traces reflections which matter most

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    Hey guys what's your thoughts on Scott cawthon retirement.?🤔😭😱

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    Nvidia does actually makes games like Nvidia fun house for vr

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    Hes gone forever

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    "what unreal engine's new look means for the future of gaming" - Fixed yoru title, the last one was absolute cringe... to all the FNAF fans out there....FNAF has aboslutey 0 bearing on the future of gaming...it's a skidmark in gaming and 90% of gamers avoid playing it. Most people are not into pretending to be jumpscared so fans can live vicariously through us, and become that much softer for it. Face it...the only reason you play FNAF, is because you & possibly your friend's favorite streamer plays it. (ode to the worst game imagined)

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    Why you just gotta be a douche for no reason?

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    I think you missed a part about why current cards are able to already handle elements like lighting in real time. it's like you started but forgot to add a second part. Why actually RTX cards are a big deal and why it is possible now. Of course no one expects you to go over full math but simply explaining how actually rays behave is quite easy and it's damn smart

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    Have you seen the new ratchet and clank game?

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    you CAN put 10000 polygon things in n64, just lag warning? cool.

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    it doesnt crash unless its WAY more polygons. just that it can even load is AMAZING!

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    Shut up Alston

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    Austin: so if ur an idiot and don't know how computer graphics work... Me: I'm f*cking MIDDLESCHOOLER give a BREAK.

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    Original fnaf theory voice…. ARE DOING SOMETHING NEW YOUR HAIR!?

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    My man juat made me fell bad for my computer bro

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    Austin: This ray-tracing engine is super cool and here's how it works. Me: Hehe cool lights.

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    Back in the day (like mid-90s) I wrote a raytracing engine in QBASIC that ran on a single-core 386. Sure, it didn't have lighting, or textures, or polygons really, and rendered at 320x200 since graphics cards weren't really a thing, and I did a lot of copy-pasting… but it worked! Mostly.

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    You should do an episode on The Science of Mario's Ground Pound.

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    OMG I played that intro at least 10 times and was laughing the entire time! Love the videos man!

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    As someone who only knew the term raster/rasterise from digital art (basically from my understanding things are either raster images where you can edit pixels or vector images which are just math lines so you can edit them in very different ways), it definitely confused me at first

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    So what your saying is my devices are smarter then me welp time to go throw em into lava so they don’t become supreme overlords (also this made me realize how fast humans are losing IQ)

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    If ray tracing starts by emitting a beam/ray and does not have that ray bounce back to a receiver connected to the source (like an eye reading light), then how is the information of the beam bouncing off of stuff sent back to the source? Like...a laser pointer isnt reading beam information because its only an emitter, with no receiver (also not a processor, but thats beside the point).

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    One day video games will stop be photorealistic once they reach it's limit just like when paintings tried to be photorealistic back in the day until cameras & digital art comes.

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    Sorry to tell you but K West is a scam. After waiting a year I got an email saying that the distributor is holding every customers money and they don't have the product. They gave me a number to the "company" but it was a fake number to some random place.

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    5:50 but what if the light is closer? Like for example a lake with a mountain in the distance,the lake (assuming it’s also black and white) would have all the light focused on the lake and yea the distant mountains be darker and a bit faded....for example of course . Would it still work as you explained?

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    this video seemed more about pixar then fnaf :3

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    Game theory is the only thing that keeps me sane during lockdown

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    No man's sky recently came out with an update that has *amazing* graphics. Should you every try the game, you should look at the amazing graphics! After downloading, what 100 GBs of data?

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    i have been hearing some nice things about No Man's Sky, now i kinda want to try it, is it worth it?

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    I just looked back at your "minecraft is not flat" videos, and Austin, what about MCU Asgard?

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    Ray tracing is basiclly what it sounds like

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    Tbh this thought me more about light than my school

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    @Isabella well you remember the old roblox ad video? Try find some juicy stuff in there if you don't find some it's okay ill find them myself - w-

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    I like it when he says words I can't understand

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    I like it when he says words I can't understand

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    At 5:10 there is a double square can you find it

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    Ray Tracing it’s the future of computer graphics. Unreal engine 5: I don’t think so. Ray Tracing (Deprecated)

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    Just make the rays shoot out of the light source and bounce randomly and you only have to render the ones that hit your eyes

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