Game Theory: Minecraft, The Secret Desert Origin of Creepers


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    i want mojang to watch all ur videos and confirm it. Then i can die peacfully.

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    Very tru



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    Maybe don't die exactly in that moment though

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    Look at the totam of un dieing and then look at the temple ox what ever thats called

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    I love your puns Mat. I really enjoy watching your videos to hear them ^^

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    can you work with super carlin brothers? if you do i will see my 2 fav theorists

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    and then the simble was not meant to be that and mat is just wrong

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    That watch looks like the omnitrox's underachieving brother

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    The SHERLOCK HOLMES of gaming.

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    D e a d B u s h e s

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    I'm just chilling In the baground noice Can some one please tell me what it is ?

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    Mojang: Write that down write that down!!!

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    Why don't we Rise of GTA 5 questions about

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    ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh

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    I think the string is supposed to be cloth from the mummy

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    Game theory Skateboarding shows

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    I'm sticking with the kinda popular theory that creepers used to be pigs, 1. Cuz you also used the fact that pigs are test subjects for many experiments 2. Cuz creepers are mismodelled pigs 3. Cuz witches can be dumb sometimes 4. They're scared of cats because cats (having colored eyes in Minecraft) can make a ddistinctive color in their blurred vision. As for the block of TNT in them, I dunno what the hell that thing is.

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    so i’m eating human meat when i eat rotten flesh cuase i’m starving…

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    creepers have catlike faces, they have the triangle shaped mouth

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    Bruh they probably used it cuz it was easy to make and didn’t need like 256 by 134 to make Like come on The eye of Horus is something I can’t draw on paper

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    OMG The antlers on the warden are like the 2 heads on the side of a wither

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    Thanks the game theorist I wanted lore for this creeper cuz I have no idea how the hell you could have labeled TNT as a body part

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    I want to buy that jacket but my mom won't buy it cuz she says it's overpriced well the jacket that's all I really wanted and I have a gaming watch and yes there is such thing as watches that you can play games on hey you said the jacket would only be here for 3 weeks but I found it on there and it's been 4 month\_🤔_/

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    Who else thought the string was coz of cobwebs

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    5:05 and that is eye-ronic

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    Hey guess what I saw a creeper face in the back of a villager a potion maker kind of villager like I got shocked

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    pretty sure creepers stay away from cats because if you tame an ocelot it becomes a cat. what attacks creepers in minecraft? ocelots.

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    Ali is SO CUTE

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    林冠廷 我上一話也這樣預言,我還認為兇王因此而死,笑臉因此入教團城

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    BUT creepers green could be made from cactus

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    the villigers r the desert poeple

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    4:05 Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that MatPat literally just violated that book? No? Okay.

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    But if the player is somehow related to the ancient civilization, why does the creeper attack them?

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    Dude, don't hate yourself, I love your puns!

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    Wasn't creepers some sort of gliched version of pigs

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    The reference to dunkey is a great easter egg

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    this needs an episode where he puts every thing theorised about the minecraft lore into a story

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    I have a theory to cave ambience sounds is that this is a audio representation to a tragic Minecart accident that took place when the ancient civilization was still around.

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    The creepers could be made to blend in with the cactus.

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    Mojang just want a pig to explode

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    Hold up the eye of Taurus is actually part of showed in the future of the beginning of goat simulator before you actually be able to choose your world that you're going to play on

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    Could the creepers be undying guards with their role to protect their creators' graves? It would make sense to use the string(the same way you can use string to trigger traps).

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    The more Minecraft lore I come across the more scared I get of playing the game

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    Matpat:*creates lots of lore and other stuff related to creepers* Notch: i just tried to make a pig model and it glitched but okay

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    6:13 awww man!

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    11:06 what is mean i was eating a mummy

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    Theory:The cat statue kinda looks like the one in desert temple entrance

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    What if there was a war… and creepers where made to look like cactus, and suicide into the enemy… I mean these ancient builders sure had a LOT of weaponry… and surely there had to be SOME motivation behind such a driven expansion and desire for power… and bating people with goodies and tnt traps? Man this is a war between humans. A classic tale. I mean it’s a broad assumption to think that it’s one single civilization… much like villagers, I’m sure there are other societies of ancient builders. That would explain a lot.

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    Maybe exploding of creepers is a side effect of giving them energy to live, TNT is pretty energy dense, right?

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    This is a fact. if creepers are made of moss, they would know to avoid cats. Why? Because cats tend to eat plants & the creeper could be an intelligent plant if we disregard the fact that TNT appears in creepers. Any wich way, creepers have a logical reason to fear cats.

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    "We dont care about real world deserts we only care about minecraft deserts"

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    Notice how the the totem of undying even looks like the ahnk on the dessert temple, it just gives more evidence that the illagers were really trying to copy the ancestors of this world, food for thought. Also just so they wouldn’t copy they made the totem of the undying with green eyes, cause it matches their eyes

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    Can u make another episode?

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    GAME THEORY HISStory is happening! Hello Internet Theorist Media 2021 Copyright MatPat. Please theorize!

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    It seems like there were several civilizations that had different religious values but all advanced more than villagers, and now illagers are trying to copy them to become more advanced but they dont know who they're copying or why so they kinda fail Wonder where witches fit into all of this

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    You can light creepers with Flint&steel

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    Mojang is secretly hiring MatPat to write the lore of minecraft.

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    I've been eating the rotten flesh from the desert temple and I find out I'm eating someone

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    haha anakin

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    I have a theory all the updates go back in time in the Minecraft world think about it I think it makes sense.

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    The true story of creeper are. Notch screwed up the pig model and create annoying green handles thing

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    I was playing and just realised somthing, MatPat has earlier theorised thet the iron gollum was a creation by the society of builders, the fact that iron golums don't attack creepers(as far as I know they are the only hostile mob the golums don't attack) might mean that they where made by the same people.

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    Why are cheeper are scare of cats

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    2:27 XD her face just yells "I am so disappointed in you Matt"

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    He should do a Minecraft theory about the fossils

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    Mojang watching this: Yeah... We definitely think about things like this when we are developing the game....

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    I don’t know if this is important at all but on the top of TNT it kind of looks like they is string again this might not be a connection to the lore

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    Interesting... - Mat Pat 2021

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    ""°U°"" Kilroy was here

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    I have a kestson if steve is reletisv with the ane cent bliders that the ane cent bilders can resisap but thay ka not

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    the dunkey slam/shoutout was awesome although I am also expecting an episode of drama mondays about this any day now

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    you are basic if there are no botw (breath of the wild) theories

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    Remember is just a theiry a gane theory so dont be thinking ih is like dis😁

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    But how the cats managed to evolve into modern cats but not Wolfs evolving into modern dogs ?

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    Im feeding my dog with rotten flesh

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    How does minecraft dungeons fit into this theory The game not the structure

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    Ho my gosh I fond some evidence to you minecrath thory the Iron golems don’t attack creepers

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    9:17 well it is said that millions of years ago ALL of earth was covered in green, so its possible

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    Where did the ender dragon come from?

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    **Minecraft archeology system exist** Me: ah yes, gravel slab, dirt slab, best block for terraforming :D

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    Hay I hav an idea maybe the. Ancient builders some of them evolve into the villager still trying to bring bake there friend then evolved into the pillgere

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    I ordered the jacket when this vid just came out and it still isn’t here

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    I will explane origin of creepers with 3 words: Failed pig model

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    Why did u put a akin skywalker from Star Wars in here? Plz gimme an answer

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    12:39 and phantoms

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    Did anyone else notice that the totem of undying is the shape of the Egyptian symbol MatPat was talking about the entire video

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    Game theory a new theroy has arived

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