Game Theory: Friday Night Funkin Just BROKE Its Own Lore!


  • Alexis Bailey
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    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

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    I heard there are more than 7 weeks

  • weird.
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    *weird machine noises* is this dimension # 34JKBNIZ!? I have to find the 'Creators'! *machine explodes* dammit. I guess we have more time.

  • benecrim
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    imagine if he did a video on osu and the story of 727

  • Van Tran
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    Girlfriend Has unlocked her Sharingan!

  • Sems Essence
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    12:20 I like how Zone tan is just pixelated

  • The pete kid yt
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    1:10 tatto

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    I hate the fact that he said milf /lh

  • Beywheelz Hater
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    One thing I wanted to say is we don't know if the spooky week is during Halloween, a huge gag in Spooky Month is they call EVERY month Spooky Month, even calling Christmas "Spooky Month Christmas"

  • Beywheelz Hater

    Beywheelz Hater

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    Also using Rumble as proof for the Meta theory is really just... ugh I mean, Rumble was a fangame for all these series, the Piconjo account even saying they hate their appearance in the game Overall the whole thing feels like such a stretch ESPECIALLY when you consider Pico is Boyfriend's ex, meaning they existed in the lore before it was time to get freaky on a Friday night. I have a feeling this theory has a lot of conformation bias

  • Beywheelz Hater

    Beywheelz Hater

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    Honestly, surprised Matt hasn't ever covered the secret lore of Spooky Month

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    Video 2 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Diamond King
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    *Lore* The wait for mat pat begins...

  • Jack Miller
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    Ok, why do I feel like, yeah, Henry Stickmin could be a HUGE asset to the series, as he and Charles could invade a plane that BF and GF are traveling in to go to a vacation, but you all are forgetting someone from NG who has been in a FNF mod, Saladfingers. Let me explain. Now MatPat, this may be wrong, but I feel like since he's a cannibal, he could possibly capture BF and GF and take them hostage, (and if Hank J Wimbleton is already added, he could break in and attack Saladfingers like Pico in week 7) but, how could this happen? Now, I'm possibly wrong, but I think Salads in the background of week 5. Not sure, but, this could be possible LORE and STORY. PS: amazing theory Matpat

  • Scorpion Goku
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    Wait what about BF family if the Girlfriends parents are demon is the BF parents and maybe brother and sister are angles is that a reason why They won't let bf and gf be together.

  • Bobcat31
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    0:00 Fnf mod potential?

  • Silkaa
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    Where he mentioned academic school year cycle, is a little wrong. It's not necessarily halloween since skid and pump count every month as spooky month, and in "spring" it's just a video game, alot of dating games such as DDLC use pink cherry blossom trees.

  • Alfie Gallagher
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    I lost my racon lol

  • YeFactor
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    I’m pretty sure week 7 started because the mom and dad thought that bf would die there Edit: also pretty sure pico is there do then gf doesn’t die

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    12:22 who is that character like whats her name

  • daasans109
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    mat pat "going into other worlds" me: " OMg rIcK aNd MoRtY pOrTaL

  • -Aesir_Gleams-
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    At the start of gf teleporting i already thought that she summoned pico

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    3:22 jschlatt?

  • Creation
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    4:16 megolovania starts playing

  • Boyfriend gamer 2474 backup channel
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    even hank is in the playable characters that will come soon

  • Leaf Shark
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    ur sus

  • C G
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    Hmm anybody see a resemblance between undertale and fnf? (hint time reset)

  • Grimlock Greg
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    You should do lore on herrny Stickmin

  • Margherita Vukasovic
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    theres already a henry stickmin fnf mod

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    12:22 hmmmmmmmm.

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    Hello improv Jschlat

  • Michael Fanguy
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    He could be a nice guy girlfriend could just be scared because she broke up with him and he is mad but he could be the Lemmon demon

  • Shadypanda
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    ThE aIrShIp fRom AmOgUS fIrsT

  • Michael Fanguy
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    Or he is possessed

  • Mao
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    Pretty sure the “loop” is about the repeating notes of the opponents

  • Michael Fanguy
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    Tabi could have been hired by the lemon demon after what happened with girl friend that turned him into a Floating scull since they were both affected by her family and her or he could be the Lemmon demon

  • BlueMoon Warrior
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    I hate to burst your bubble but it's more likely to be Hank than Henry.

  • enrique Ledezmargg mi lo lo
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    Or week 8 could be Ritz the rat maybe Henry Stickman or someone else

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  • Jarno
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    Funny story: ninja muffin 99 posted a picture of Henry stickmin witch was deleted a couple minutes later

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    are you. the only theryrist and no wom els right i mean all the other theroyest are bad but gametheory

  • John Bitzas
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    I actually have a mini theory, tell me if you agree, but I think with the mods bf is trying to collect the strongest people in reality (shaggy, Matt, Henry stickmin) in the nonsense mod, you see bf forcing the guy to sing, he’s trying to persuade him through songs and is trying to bring out his powers because bf knows about the powers and like I said earlier, he’s collecting the strongest people in reality to defeat the lemon demon #theoryforanotherday

  • Sans The skeleton
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    Henry stickman might not get hit own week because he has a mod already but miku has a mod and she’s gonna have her own week so yeah maybe

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    Game theory: Hatsune miku is boyfriend's older sister

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    omg girlfriend has king crimson

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    My guy Henry sitck min is my guy

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    Parappa the rapper refnes

  • Lizard Man
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    i actually kind of like the school year theory, its super interesting imo

  • eioshen boboi
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    FNF or no, I'm just glad that newgrounds is getting this much attention again. If not more than it had before.

  • indyanna brown
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    your cool

  • ender gaming
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    Wat if there just in new grounds boyfrends there pecos there and pirity much every 1 is in new grounds

  • eioshen boboi

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    and chase)

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  • Fortnite player 22
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    the spooky kkids are from sr pelo

  • mohamed elsheikh
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    1:37 you have a son and you're still a virgin. thought that could never be done

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    F wandavision

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    "No no, he has a point"

  • Bacon


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    This makes sense to me, but these comments make it confusing..

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    There is a smile face in the ender man

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    I'm stuck in the world games

  • Kayden White
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    How do I explain this

  • Kayden White
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    7:28 So I'm not the only one

  • MrVenom
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    *Y E S*

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    Yo matpat LORE

    KONTyNyNTyL DRyFT21 timme sedan

    So it's just like week 7 Once a mod. Once a week. (I am talking about Henry stickmin) It would be cool if the week had 5 songs (break in, midnight, tickets please, spazzmatacia and chase)

  • Slurrppy
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    12:49 Maybe, but I don't believe she teleported pico, maybe he was here to kill boyfriend like last time and girlfriend was about to use a powerful move or something to possibly kill the tankmen that were about to shoot her.

  • Slurrppy


    19 timmar sedan

    @Living Tormenttrue

  • Living Torment

    Living Torment

    21 timme sedan

    funny thing is there's not a frame where we see GF either getting pushed or kicked off by Pico. she just magically comes into BF's arms.

  • Frances Jones
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    Me when matpat makes another video 🙂👌

  • Xcalibur
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    2:32 Fricking spectacular!

  • LRK CM3
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    I was just waiting for MatPat to acknowledge Zone-tan

  • Pixy the Foxy boi
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    Week 8s antagonist might be Hatsune Miku

  • Rocket Gamer
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    I think your on to something I got a little bit of a different theory I think new grounds is going to use this as a way to connect all the universe through time not games and the reason week 7 is so meta is because tankmans from a game like senpai but I think all the others will have been in the same universe also the airplane that they mention in that clip is going to be the airship and if I’m correct then the cannon ending of Henry stickmin includes the pure blooded thief ending

  • Sprig lol
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    Its not pronounced as toppit it’s pronounced as two words

  • Sprig lol
    Sprig lol23 timmar sedan

    Sorry but this is a little bit stretched

  • Ashley Zoe Sabangan
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    This is also loke shown on the lyrics video on RecD

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    Alfonso Jimenez

    4 timmar sedan

    I like it tho

  • Red Panda
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    What if Girlfriend is the real villain and she is trying to redeem herself but her parents don’t think she can,so she dates boyfriend so she can redeem herself

  • Jay Money
    Jay MoneyDag sedan

    But I do have one theory for you I dare you to try to get the correct answer of this why does BF speaks and beeps

  • The kids in America
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    I like your videos and all but don’t you dare talk about my favorite game OK bye like this video and I hate this Video

  • Jay Money
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    Sorry man I forgot about what I was going to say

  • Jay Money
    Jay MoneyDag sedan

    Sorry I haven’t watch this for a while I’m watching the video over I will be back with my theory and break yours down

  • Jay Money
    Jay MoneyDag sedan

    And the girlfriend pulled pico out of somewhere wouldn’t he want to kill BF if you’re saying that the parents still want to kill BF then wouldn’t be go kill him on site I mean he’s unlessit’s for money

  • Jay Money
    Jay MoneyDag sedan

    And if you’re saying that stick man is going to be in one of the seasons he already is in a game and if he’s already inside of this game as you song one week five or four I don’t know but yeah he’s already there doesn’t make sense for him to get sucked into there

  • Jay Money
    Jay MoneyDag sedan

    Wait a minute I don’t think this theory works well pica wouldn’t kill BF because in the old PECO game I’m pretty sure they bring a guy in that was indeed boyfriend

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    is it just me or is mat A REALLY BIG game lore nerd

  • Red / Luke
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    Oh I just noticed the intro was level 5 from parappa 1

  • The Original SMP Remake
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  • Marissaiscool53 Plays Roblox
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    There needs to more girls in FNF

  • Logan Wadford
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    What happens to tankman in the end of week 7?

  • Pump_cha sus
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    Any owner or contributer of a TV Program or game: *says lore* Matt Patt: *rapidly approaching*

  • Distortion Guy
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    Next thing you know they are transported to an arena with giant cats to rap against knights

  • Gabe FNF
    Gabe FNFDag sedan

    Wait is bf a demon just like gf and her parents? He has the power to reset reality or go back in reality restarting the whole thing if he dies.

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    It's tophat.. NOT TOPAT!!!!!!

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    So he might be in high school because he's 18