Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF


  • Ezra Krueger
    Ezra Krueger5 minuter sedan

    seriosly scot?!

  • BreezyCheese
    BreezyCheese13 minuter sedan

    I support Scott on his political view.

  • Allison Faulkner
    Allison FaulknerTimme sedan

    absolutely matpat, i myself identify heavy with the lgbtq+ community and while i am disappointed with his actions, i will continue to support fnaf, but not scott. the only thing that really urks me and that he donated to mcconnell 😭😭 the nude is literally straight out of walking dead

  • smishglitch 56
    smishglitch 56Timme sedan

    How could people do this and cause so many unnecessary problems over political opinions that are just about the country way to ruin good fun and making an amazing developer retire

  • Devinocd
    DevinocdTimme sedan

    This is very upsetting to me. Scott did nothing wrong. I really wish that scott wasnt stepping down. But i couldnt think of anyone better to hand it off to than Matt. Hope it works out that way.

  • smishglitch 56
    smishglitch 56Timme sedan

    This controversy sucks scott is a good man and developer and should be supported these donations don't make scott a horrible person and doesn't define him.

  • SCOOTZ .inc.
    SCOOTZ .inc.Timme sedan

    How shallow do you have to be to hate someone just because of their political opinions

  • CIA
    CIA2 timmar sedan

    Forget about politics we should get rid of all cancel culture and Dox'ing.

  • Are you ready for Foxy?
    Are you ready for Foxy?2 timmar sedan

    omg omg phone call lolol

  • PrinceJoffacake
    PrinceJoffacake3 timmar sedan

    Finally somebody associated with Scott who doesn't brush aside what he did as just "his opinions"!!

  • Lol or something
    Lol or something3 timmar sedan

    I still just can’t believe that people threaten other people because the other person has different point of views than them. It just shows how much people can get offended about small things that don’t affect them at all.

  • Nitro Animations
    Nitro Animations3 timmar sedan

    Also, there is a lot of lore-ish things in there, so maybe a new idea?

  • Nitro Animations
    Nitro Animations3 timmar sedan

    Btw, did you know that Glitch Techs season 2, episode 3, is kind of an Easter egg episode related to FNAF? I just noticed, just wanted to say.

  • Tara
    Tara4 timmar sedan

    Just admit you're not going to drop the cashcow. You saw yet another way to capitalize on the very big conversations around FNAF and took it. Again. Just so you could say you're going to keep taking it any chance you get even if the creator benefits in a way that helps them fund people who want to cause harm to minorities. I respect a hussle more than I respect wishywashy 'separate the art from the artist, who will use the money you give them for art to do harmful things'.

  • Molnskuggan
    Molnskuggan5 timmar sedan

    Video 3 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Płütø
    Płütø5 timmar sedan

    I understand that some people don't like what Scott did, but sending death threats? really?? and quitting the game just because of that? this is why politics shouldn't be involved with many things because it ruins people, it's not worth the energy to argue over, it can cause you to lose a friend because you like a certain person, all in all, support the game you want, that's okay, you don't want to support the game anymore, okay that's your opinion you can do whatever you want, but attacking people because of certain things is never alright. and no you can't say that someone is anti-LGBTQ+ because they support FNAF, I support FNAF and I'm bi, are you going to call me homophobic? you can but it doesn't mean anything.. also you can't force someone to vote for someone.. that not how it works, and it'll never work like that, support who you want.. just don't attack, or dox them.. ah.. does this sound repeative? it kinda does In my opinion lmfao

  • Stacey Howard
    Stacey Howard5 timmar sedan

    Also keep up the good work sorry for all these comments

  • Stacey Howard
    Stacey Howard5 timmar sedan

    Also that I hate packing that was a typo

  • Am I You?
    Am I You?6 timmar sedan

    “Are you elephant or are you donkey” Everybody who has ever been with Gordon Ramsay:

  • Johnathan Mann
    Johnathan Mann6 timmar sedan

    Matt Pat do you happen to know what CRT is? Did you also know that your children is being taught CRT? Keep this in mind the LGBTQ movement is supportive of CRT and not only that this CRT is being indoctrinated on your kids so yeah think about what you support that other people support.

  • Jxcksterwrites
    Jxcksterwrites7 timmar sedan

    This man is so considerate and this video should be shared with everyone even if they don’t care for fnaf. His words are inspiring and he makes amazing points. Thank you Mat 💕

  • Brett Pratt
    Brett Pratt7 timmar sedan

    Dear matpat not trying to Ben mean or rood but you forgot one of the reasons Scott stepped down was because the LGBTQ community was sending him death threats and that they where going to come to his house ps I have nothing against people being gay

  • Liam Key
    Liam Key8 timmar sedan

    Scott was entitled to support who he wants, it's a shame folk can't accept other opinions.

  • BlueCrystal Animatez

    BlueCrystal Animatez

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  • Brynne Meza

    Brynne Meza

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  • redboy69
    redboy698 timmar sedan

    Rename the video reasons I should own fnaf

  • ah yes a good lime
    ah yes a good lime8 timmar sedan

    I don't care what anyone says if anyone hates on Scott because of this they aren't real fans

  • The og Liam

    The og Liam

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  • Taric_77
    Taric_778 timmar sedan

    I cried so much that Scott was retired because he is the best

  • Nonsense Ice Cube
    Nonsense Ice Cube8 timmar sedan

    i miss scott already he made my childhood

  • FildWithJoy
    FildWithJoy9 timmar sedan

    I find it sad that someone's political beliefs can garner such outrage. He earned some money by producing a game that people loved. How he choses to use the money he earned is totally up to him and honestly not really any of our business. As well as the fact that this should have no impact on the love people have for the franchise. I will wait eagerly for cancel culture to eat itself alive until then my sympathy to anybody that mob sets their eyes on getting rid of next.

  • Brynne Meza

    Brynne Meza

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  • Alex Mills
    Alex Mills9 timmar sedan

    A conservative minded creator created and fully supported a lgbt community, and demonizing media makes out stances to sound like they are trying to kill people which is hilariously untrue.

  • Sassy Queen
    Sassy Queen9 timmar sedan

    I watched all ur fnaf vids these past 3 days HES QUITTING???☹️ But hope he’s having his best time with his family:) These ppl who r sending death threats to him and his wife r piece of craps they should go to jail I don’t think he’s homophobic he donated to it

  • MelodiousBlitz
    MelodiousBlitz9 timmar sedan

    The worst thing about all this *the people who sent Scott's family death threats will NOT learn or change* . Matt's beautifully intelligent words fall on deaf ears.. Twitter culture IS a reflection of our American culture, and it is a horrific image... The vicious close mindedness, bigotry, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, tribalism, merciless.... The worst things about human nature paraded and applauded and promoted in 4K

  • Addison Reesor
    Addison Reesor9 timmar sedan

    Scott is a Christian so yes anti LGBTQ is his proper belief are you going to take his religious rights away everyone has a opinion

  • Gwendolyn Boles
    Gwendolyn Boles9 timmar sedan

    as a big fan of fnaf since the game came out and someone who’s apart of the lgbtq+ community it was extremely hard to hear that scott was donating to this kinds of campaigns but honestly there’s nothing we could have done about it. i still love the game and the lore behind it all.

  • TD Advocate
    TD Advocate9 timmar sedan

    I'm sorry, but if you don't support what someone does with the money you give them, don't support them. But also, don't tell others that they can't support the person. There is an ability to separate the art from the artist and that is totally okay. Cancel culture needs to be stopped because destroying people over their choices is not okay. Obviously people who actually do illegal things should be held accountable, but situations such as this and MAJORITY of other things over the last couple years are just outright stupid. People have opinions of their own and can make their own choices. If you don't like that then take your support to someone who lines up with them. I don't eat at chik-fil-a because I don't like that they are so horribly homophobic, but I won't tell others they can't eat there or that we need to cancel the chik-fil-a company for being homophobic. It's a choice. People are just outright idiotic and/or brainwashed nowadays. Edit: Matt is 110% correct about how useless and ridiculous the American political system is.

  • adad rer
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  • 青空 - Cerulean Wings
    青空 - Cerulean Wings10 timmar sedan

    I'm not sure, MatPat. While I appreciate that you also delved into his full explanation, I have to say it's not great. The best solace we've got is that his main candidate 'wasn't as bad' and that he donated? It's honestly little comfort juxtaposed with his explanation of his stances on pro-choice matters. I feel as though this is like being told to just ignore that toxic relative at the Thanksgiving table for the sake of peace.

  • James Mcintyre
    James Mcintyre10 timmar sedan

    It's nice to see people tear something enjoyable up over snipped out and highlighted actions. You know why folks toss money at politicians at random? Tax breaks, and boy howdy there were a lot of random donations.

  • Fish Potato
    Fish Potato11 timmar sedan

    I’m very happy that fear started the day after my birthday

  • Idiot Idiot
    Idiot Idiot11 timmar sedan

    well another thing is that even if a person has a view that one doesnt agree with, that doesnt mean that person, or more importantly their works are inherrantly bad, george washington was a slave owner, but he still liberated our country

  • Mr Zoov
    Mr Zoov12 timmar sedan

    I think it’s safe to say that Twitter needs to be deleted.😬

  • Resonable Armadillo
    Resonable Armadillo12 timmar sedan

    I have drawn the line at the left cancelling someone for having a different opinion.

  • ColdCut Humor
    ColdCut Humor12 timmar sedan

    To be honest, this is a pointless topic for people to get upset about. I don’t see people up in arms about popular figures donating to a corporatist war-monger like Hillary Clinton who wanted to fight in illegal wars. Moral of the story: Scott can do with his money as he pleases and to leave well enough alone. Don’t dig for answers you don’t wanna find.

  • SuperSandiwchiscool
    SuperSandiwchiscool12 timmar sedan

    do a theory on the forest since sons of the forest is coming soon

  • saiyan chopper
    saiyan chopper12 timmar sedan

    idc i support scott he is a good game creator and a good man he made up most of my childhood

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man12 timmar sedan

    glitchtrap got into scotts mind and made him donate to those anti lgbtq+ groups

  • XxBreath4MusicxX
    XxBreath4MusicxX12 timmar sedan

    Much appreciation to hear a SEblacksr I admire intellectually to not just take this difficult topic and plaster a review or comment on your thoughts but as always , dig deep and share all of the information that was out there so people can draw their own conclusions while you made fair points.

  • Jesse Hodgson
    Jesse Hodgson12 timmar sedan

    Wow, how do I agree with everything Scott says, just because you support a platform doesn’t mean you agree with everything they support. He’s not a straight ticket voter but split ticket so he chooses who he believes will do the best job instead of just a party. You can support a super pro lgbtq but if you think that they make everything else worse, then you may support someone else that you agree with on more other things. Scott seems to be an economic and military conservative, but a social liberal

  • Gabe Ranke
    Gabe Ranke12 timmar sedan

    Lowkey this is one of the best comment section debates

  • JDChurch118
    JDChurch11813 timmar sedan

    I wish MatPat talked about people doxing him and threatening him more. I am of a firm belief that no one should experience harassment of their and their loved ones lives. Unfortunately since MatPat doesn’t want to offend those that threatened him, I am assuming that is why he didn’t talk about it to much.

  • Noahhkun
    Noahhkun13 timmar sedan

    Nobody is at fault here, Scott can support who he wants and be it without directly supporting anti lgbt or doing it he didn’t ask for those fans so he can support what he believes is right that’s not wrong , it’s also not wrong for the lgbt fans to be rightfully hurt and distraught , what isn’t right is the small minority of fans now beginning to attack cancel dox and threaten his family and him online.

  • Gabriel Sobreira meatin
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  • incognito
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  • Diana Anaid
    Diana Anaid13 timmar sedan

    You are not that hard

  • xJACKE709x
    xJACKE709x13 timmar sedan

    Bruh, Scott started out making Christian games, he’s a conservative. Are people surprised he voted republican?

  • Lakee
    Lakee14 timmar sedan

    Scott: My time has come

  • AlyxRycx
    AlyxRycx14 timmar sedan

    Remember, FNAF 1 was originally make to only support Scott Cawthon’s own family. Information can be found In Dawko’s video with Scott Cawthon.

  • Brayson Hutches
    Brayson Hutches15 timmar sedan

    Well if you look back at his other games they were Christian and it really doesn’t surprise me that he was republican

  • marcell hegyi
    marcell hegyi15 timmar sedan

    "we as a community of acceptance decided to doxx someone over his private, non game related life. We believe this was the best course of action"

  • D34th
    D34th15 timmar sedan

    Didn’t Scott donate 50k to an lgbtq+ charity?

  • Kalvin Tutorials
    Kalvin Tutorials16 timmar sedan

    As a non-american I don't get them. scott is a human being with opinions. let him do whatever he wants. donating to republicans and all that. Sure he might donate to some reportedly anti-LGBTQ politicians. but who cares? It's scott's money. he should do whatever he want with it. it's not like him supporting them means they support all of their ideas. Forcing scott into retirement for supporting a conservative politician is not okay.

  • Cryptavolt
    Cryptavolt16 timmar sedan

    I would like to think that he would come out of retirement Due to the amount of support he's gotten form his fanbase, but alas i find that very improbable. I just hope he's retiring for himself and his self health and not because of others opinions on him.

  • my Name is Ailce Too
    my Name is Ailce Too17 timmar sedan

    My head blown up!🤯

  • ste 584
    ste 58417 timmar sedan

    Make a political theory channel we don't have a fourth light lol

    YEET GOD20 timmar sedan

    I hate that theres only two sides.

  • SuperBUPboi67
    SuperBUPboi6720 timmar sedan

    More disappointed in you.

  • SuperBUPboi67


    2 timmar sedan

    @Rog629 he didn't completely denounce the people who doxxed Scott and harassed his pregnant wife. He left it up to opinion, that's wrong. He didn't even mention it. He took the side of the people who got him retired

  • Rog629


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  • Hayden Calheta

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  • Fishy Fish
    Fishy Fish21 timme sedan

    I think that MatPat made a really respectable retrospective on this situation, really level-headed and informed. Something that i hope we could see more often by other people far and beyond.

  • Bubby Wubby
    Bubby Wubby21 timme sedan

    Only 49 episodes? I thought there was a lot more

  • Leo Ram
    Leo Ram21 timme sedan

    Matt i need your help i dont now how to tell my mom and dad im gay im scar that they won't except me the where I am help

  • Leo Ram

    Leo Ram

    21 timme sedan

    I ment the way im am

  • False Tax
    False Tax21 timme sedan

    This is insane, can’t even support republicans anymore. Absolutely insane.

  • Getmad
    Getmad22 timmar sedan

    Personally I’m sad that Scott was bullied on his final time on such an amazing series and for song that it helped other do as they want to also the fact that he even bothered to try is a loving touch

  • Yurrie
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  • Jeremiah Nelson
    Jeremiah Nelson22 timmar sedan

    This is really dumb the fact the people are getting mad over who voted for which last time checked he has every right to vote for who ever but people attacking for something he never disapproved of why I hate people

  • Gage Thomas
    Gage Thomas22 timmar sedan

    I think that they shouldn’t have not done anything because they ruined the best game creator because they didn’t support someone

  • ryan
    ryan23 timmar sedan

    Bacon is not the best food ever, simply do not lie about that

  • Griffin Brown
    Griffin Brown23 timmar sedan

    There is nothing wrong with donating

  • Rancid Milk
    Rancid Milk23 timmar sedan

    The problem that some people don't seem to get is that each person individually has their own beliefs... if you don't agree with their beliefs then that's ok don't go out of your way to make life for the person miserable even if the vote for red... who cares?!?! It is all about the quality of their character and not about what they believe in politically

  • it me pro
    it me proDag sedan

    No one had any right to judge or harass him for his decision. It's his money and he has the right to donate to anyone.

  • unfunny queer
    unfunny queerDag sedan

    i’m really gonna miss him and his work, but i hate his views

  • Carl Wheezer
    Carl WheezerDag sedan

    sooo, scott got cancelled?

  • Domingo Herrera
    Domingo HerreraDag sedan

    I agree, American politics sucks. Playing video games is like my escape from reality, my fortress of solitude, but now politics have gotten into video games this past year that I’m reminded of these politics. Video games are about storytelling and fun not politics and agenda but that’s the world we live in

  • the cat cube is cool
    the cat cube is coolDag sedan

    dude when scott retired i was so sad i cried cause i heard the political stuff thinking he retired from it but then i read his note and felt better knowing it was for his family and the amazing series would go on. it brought me comfort

  • MC69
    MC69Dag sedan

    This video made me even more sure of the danger the USA is in. The political division is heading toward a nation that won’t exist. The political parties are giving each other so much hate and it has to stop. I’m a conservative, but I don’t hate LGBT community members. Just because someone supports a party that isn’t yours doesn’t make them worse of a person. My sister for example is very far left, I love her to death. There is no excuse to hate someone based on their opinions. I don’t want to debate anything from this post, I just want people to realize the USA is in danger.

  • MC69
    MC69Dag sedan

    Okay, Republicans don’t hate gays. That is the biggest lie that I think I’ve ever heard and the media pushes that. Point is stop hating people based on their political views.

  • * Tribunal
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  • MC69
    MC69Dag sedan

    FNAF is the ONLY series I’ve stayed with throughout. Love the community and I love literally everything about it.

  • Poey
    PoeyDag sedan

    As a conservative person, I still love watching matpat and other more liberal influencers despite our obvious differences in political views. Im so confused why the second someone is conservative it makes everyone turn on them. The same goes for actors. Why does it have to be such a big deal?

  • Gabe Ranke

    Gabe Ranke

    8 timmar sedan

    @Alex Mills oh yea 100%. Social media amplifies every issue with us not seeing eachother or trying to be understanding of why a person thinks a certain way

  • Alex Mills

    Alex Mills

    9 timmar sedan

    @Gabe Ranke you didn’t recognize the point, it really appears that it is much worse to officially support a conservative mindset online than a liberal one. Conservatives are silenced and shunned onlineich more than liberals, Twitter is a perfect example

  • Gabe Ranke

    Gabe Ranke

    12 timmar sedan

    The American political landscape has always been decisive and gross. Just how the cookie crumbles



    21 timme sedan


  • Royal Panda
    Royal PandaDag sedan

    Political ideology aside, you shouldn’t send death threats or dox anyone because they simply don’t agree with you, and even then Scott did donate to pro-lgbt. I agree if you don’t support how his money is used you can remove yourself from funding the games but death threats and doxxing have no place in the world, especially under the circumstances such as a different opinion on a topic.

  • Ash Boots
    Ash BootsDag sedan

    Although I don’t agree on something’s MatPat said I admire that he expressed his own opinion and not what the internet wants to hear

  • Edwardson
    EdwardsonDag sedan

    Why is cancel culture a thing. Why are we allowing what your political views is, that makes you or breaks you in today’s society. Scott is the very reason why this game and the community itself has gotten to be where it is. So why does it matter on what his political views are, to want you to hate him so much. Without him the game would have never existed. Like how you are able to express yourself in your everyday life. If the roles were reversed it would be the same thing. Stop being toxic people and just grow up.

  • Bogdan


    18 timmar sedan

    its only like this in america. your country is ruined

  • Lil-NiCCo06


    Dag sedan

    humanity will never evolve from taking offense from others beliefs. people won't grow up because they want others to believe in the same as them. ik I shouldn't be saying this but humanity is the reason why I want to 💀 🔫

  • Lil-NiCCo06
    Lil-NiCCo06Dag sedan

    I miss Scott already...but let's just hope that he always comes back.

  • Distortion Guy
    Distortion GuyDag sedan

    Not EVERY company changes for 30 days Sega and Niantic for example, they both are still rainbow, its almost august, they show their support by saying “hey we don’t just care on the month it matters to anyone not apart of your group” its details like that that make me smile, it doesn’t feel like a corporate selling point. I know its off topic but it feels like it could and maybe should be stated, and that maybe keeping it for a couple months and not just 1 can really show that you care. Is that too much to say in 1 comment for a fnaf video that only talks about this briefly? Yes! Is it ok for me to? That’s up to you.

  • Junalie Balanon
    Junalie BalanonDag sedan

    Go lgbq

  • Mugin
    MuginDag sedan

    Scott had a priority when voting, military's strength and the only one that supported LGBTQ at the time he donated to first. I think he didn't do anything wrong and tried to support LGBTQ but military seemed to be his number one priority but I could see why people would be mad at him.

  • Soy Bajo - Kira
    Soy Bajo - KiraDag sedan

    It would be great if Matt took Scott’s place, I don’t think there’s anyone more dedicated than him

  • Grass Turtle
    Grass TurtleDag sedan

    You shouldn't change your perception of a game or a person just based off their political views not aligning with yours.