Game Theory: FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories)


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    Video 8 of posting about otamatone lore

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    'Mr Atkin' my 6th grade teacher: **ALSO MS ATKINS JUST SPELLED DIFFERENT**

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    Ahh I just love me some *DaBbInG cHiCa*

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    So candy has a relation to Freddy's because marionette was there at candys so I think William made candy first then after what happened he change the name

  • Jeremiah Ruffin
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    Mat I think that has a connection with candys some how if u finish the night u will see a relation of a last name of Schmidt just like in that so before Freddy I think it would be candys

  • It do be like that sometimes.
    It do be like that sometimes.Dag sedan

    13:59, similar to that one, don’t judge my dumb-nerd brain here, Batman AU where he time travels and is the one who killed his parents. He goes insane and becomes Joker; later on facing that au’s Batman.

  • It do be like that sometimes.
    It do be like that sometimes.Dag sedan

    10:11 If people can be replicated, then what if William was replicating himself? That’s why he always comes back, and maybe Michael is a copy gone rogue. Undoing all of his “father’s” wrongs. Just sayin’.

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    idk if this is controversial or not beacause ive not kept up on fnaf but wouldent fnaf sisiter location be first in the timeline because alot of the games after have the name on his paycheck as mike or michael? of course fnaf 4 mightve been before but sl would be after because hes an adult. also in some of the games he gets fired for odor which would be explained by him being decayed in the Sister location cutscene. well thats just a little theory of mine. dont hate me :)

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    You mentioned that the two names need to be proofread, what if that was for a reason because Hudson was hallucinating the name as some thing other than Mr. Afton. ( because it was Mr. Afton but he saw it as some other names)

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    So while watching back on some fnaf, I thought of something. You guys remember allllllllll the way back in fnaf 3, you play those mini games to get the good ending? The last mini game features what everyone called “shadow Bonnie.” What if that was actually foreshadowing glitchtrap? When moving the character, it glitches out, can travel between all the mini games, and is a bunny. This also would make sense because of the foreshadowing of golden freddy having 2 lights on in his eyes in the bad ending, referencing the two souls. If Scott already had golden Freddy having 2 souls in his mind when making fnaf 3, what if he also had glitchtrap in his mind? But it’s JUST A THEORY…

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    Nope in the fnaf3 securitys gard name is hudson🙃 We can find it in the books😉 And we dont playing as mike😑

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    madpat i have made a big discovery in the song fnaf1 song they say that they have seen a face like yours so this is saying that your are indeed the older bother.

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    mike hawk

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    MatPat saying doll like "dowel" 😂

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    I have a question how can Cassidy be golden Freddy and Chris can speak through Golden Freddy Nvm any thing can happen when it’s fnaf

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    My real name is Michael

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    Has anyone made a theory about the cupcake? It moved in vr, so what if it has a soul?

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    Honestly, I hope it doesn’t end in a time loop. Those seriously freak me out. I used to be SUPER into BATIM, but then when I played and finished Chapter 5 and found out about the loop, it gave me the creeps. I love FNaF and don’t want to ever leave it because of something so stupid.

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    I'm still not convinced the ball pit isn't just imbued with the memories of Cassidy's spirit that people can experience if they enter it, kind of like Dumbledore's memory storage basin in Harry Potter.

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    When ever I see these I make the joke of my name being Gabriel

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    I'm bout to end this man's whole career

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    Game theory kinda sus 😶

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    I’m praying that Matt puts a playlist together of every fnaf theory in order

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    Mat:*Overthinks and creates crazy theories for the lore* Scott: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN

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    I watched through all of the FNAF Theories and realized that Scott trolled/confused the entire fan base with "TWOs" throughout the series. Starting with the TWO purple guys that we initially confused about back when the series first started, turns out there's two purple guys, William and Michael. And then the TWO Bites, where we heard about the bite of '87 and then see the crying child bitten in FNAF 4, where at 1st we were confused about whether the scene was the bite of '87 or not ( Cue the Markiplier " Was that the bite of '87 ?!?! " Clip ). Turns out there are two bites in the series, the bite of '83 and the bite of '87 We initially thought that Golden Freddy was being possessed by one spirit, Cassidy, and turns out that there are TWO spirits within, Cassidy and the crying child. We though the one and only baddie in the game was William Afton right, oh no, turns out that Baby is second villain moving forward. TWO villains. Heck even the title of the game was trolling us, FIVE nights at Freddy's, looking at the title be like " Owh, a game with just 5 levels" , with TWO additional 6th and 7th nights. I wonder if there'll be not just one, but TWO Reluctant Followers in the upcoming Security Breach, either that or two villains in the game, one being Vanny which we know about, and the other.... for us to find out soon (?) Am I thinking too much about this :D ?

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    Make a Ark survival evolved video you would like the lore behind it all

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    If in the book Baby was created to kill Henry does this mean Baby could've convinced other animatronics to kill Henry and if Michael is actually Henry's son not William's and if he looks like Henry could they kill Michael because he looks like Henry which is why the animatronics wanna kill Michael?

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    Is that a community reference

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    If he’s a bootleg paradox then he knows that suit is going to clamp down on him but he still goes in it and he knows that he’s going to get burned to a crisp but he still gets lured into the labyrinth which is the same event that gets him shoved into ultimate custom night he would have all of this knowledge of the future including the things that would end badly for him and he still does the things that insure those events

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    Its probably nothing but fredbears mic and Freddie mic and I presume other charecters microphones have a pin on the bottom, the same pin that baby has to let her switch. Probably nothing tho

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    That intro is golden

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    At 9:24 when it said the he had memories of someone else’s but not his i have one question...doesn’t that remind you of the fourth closet when elizabeth has memories of someone else but not hers-?

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    It remember me a film of the freak show where a radio give good but pyscho advidce to a person

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    I’m pretty sure in the game where Foxy bro killed his brother C.C aka Crying child mentioned the name Terrence before he died

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    He didn't. If he did, we wouldn't be debating Foxybro's idenity still.

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    Vanyy created the 10th fanaf

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    “Stop me if this starts to sound familiar, a night security guard-“ stop. “But im not done” I said stop. Its too familiar already.

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    The fnaf questions Matpat tries to solve: "What is happening at the end of help wanted?" "what can we expect going forward?" "the f*ck is the time traveling ball pit doing there?" The fnaf questions I think about: Are the animatronics furries? Or I guess William Afton is since he made them... Wait could he and Henry build an IRON MAN SUIT?!

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    Just a thought. I feel like the reason the ball put takes people back in time is because Cassidy AKA Golden Freddy wants people to see how they all died and is giving a sign that they are trapped because of a purple man 😂

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    If Michael is the main character of fnaf 3 and if sister location takes place first as it likely does. How does he survive the fire. He’s a corpse which is only venerable to fire

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    Ik this won't make sense with the video but I think I know why William only kills 5 children every time. His kids (Elizabeth and c.c) were 5 years old

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    Me when my teacher says I’m going to fail the class 0:20

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    I’ve literally never played a FNAF game but you bet I’ve watched every single theory

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    Chekhov's gun? No no no, fazbear’s ball-pit

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    All right so, I know that he doesn’t get to every single comment but I just really wanted to point this out. In the game pizzeria simulator there is a huge ball pit (not the one with the weird clown thing on it and the ladders) the liability risk for that. It is at nine. I feel like Scott was trying to tell us that there was something off about the ball pit without actually telling us, I think he was trying to hint at it. I was watching a play through of the game and when I saw that I texted my friend about it and he was as surprised as I was. I just wanted to point that out because it was really cool that he hinted towards that.

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    when the book showed the gumdrop angel I literally screamed I have that book! and its true.

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    BRUH finally game theory put an meme in his meme in his video

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    Do you think it’s possible that they used mangle for Roxanne

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    What’s for dinner? Matpat: theories My favorite :D

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    The only thing that’s scarier then the FNaF lore is the irs

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    love the community reference :)

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    2:55 Bruh my name is Sergio

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    This is a month from release but I just realized. Remember the fnaf 3 jumpscare for spring trap. If that is William and you play mike could that be an answer to why the death animation isn’t like the robots lunging towards you, it’s almost like William knows you and doesn’t wanna attack without a second thought like the other animatronics do. It’s probably nothing big but I thought it was kinda neat to think about.

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    I had a weird and crazy theory on "Into the pit" that might make sense yet not, but I don't know how to fully explain it. What if the Springbonnie that Oswald saw is part of a different timeline or a thing of agony? Theory on a different timeline: So if he is, no one can see him except for Oswald because he doesn't belong to the 1985 time and Oswald isn't from it either. It sounds stupid, but I think it's possible that it's either William Afton coming back from the future or a follower of his that disgusted themselves as Springbonnie, so that's why he's able to show Oswald what had happened without others being there and was able to follow him back through the ball pit. Plotholes: 1. Why can people see Oswald in the past? 2. Why is the suit still there at the end with nothing there? 3. Why can no one else see Springbonnie when he took Oswald home? Agony theory: A part of William Afton's agony made the Springbonnie suit active just like the other things in the stories powered by agony. I'm not sure, but it could make sense why it would have teeth in the suit and possibly why no one else can see him except Oswald. It's also possible that the agony powering the suit can cause illusions or how the suit was empty at the end of the story yet still be there. It's also a possibility that he has similar illusion technology like with "To be beautiful" and in "The twisted ones" and "The fourth closet". If it was illusion technology, it would explain why only Oswald can see Springbonnie since he had seen him before yet no one else has, so the illusion doesn't work on him in the present. It could also explain why the illusion wouldn't have worked on him in the past, it's because he isn't supposed to be there and would notice things that could be out of place to others or the fact that Springbonnie could have chosen to show himself to Oswald with the illusion chip. Another comparison is like in "To be beautiful", the students could see how Sarah changed with what Elenor did yet her friend and mom didn't see any changes and yet she still ended up becoming a big pile of trash without the illusion Elenor provided. Plotholes: 1. Unsure of the power of agony and if there is anything to do with illusions or if it's an illusion type of chip active powered with the agony of William Afton 2. Timeline doesn't match for a Springbonnie agony suit to exist with William Afton still alive at the time Who knows, it could even be an agony, illusion powered time traveling Springbonnie suit from after William Afton died

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    Sooo Charlie dad is dead because he killed him self with a robot/animatronic and William Afton is dead then who is making the animatronic for the next game unless as you said ‘A story that allows Afton to be a creation of it own self’ so that like that what you said I think it is good so wow good job 👍🏻

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    @Wind blade ohhhh ok then

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    Henry never killed himself with a animatronic in the games, he just burns himself along with almost everything in Fnaf 6

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    Mat:get Your mind out of the gutter people. this Mats catchphrase now.

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    But in the epilogue the stitchwraith had burned out the infection the afton amalgamation had put in larson

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    I definitely think the series will not end on victory, either the detective becoming purple guy or maybe just getting killed by purple guy, or whatever.

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    now cant wait for the FNAF movie

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    My boyfriend wanted to know the lore of FNAF and I looked at him (after watching all your theory vids) and it knowing where to begin… I said… my love… it’s a gloriously woven universe.

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    I think the Stitchrave is puppet, because it’s skinny, mask is white, may have blood on the face but who said it’s a part of the design? And has a smile! Well a creepy one, like the puppet right? Edit: Wait a minute, you know how after the night guard dies, there’s something weird on the screen, like when a robot gets damaged that might show up for there eyes, have you ever thought that every night guard is a animatronic..?

  • Wind blade

    Wind blade

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    The puppet itself already appears in FF epilogues

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    lucky boy more like pocoloco

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    Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

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    So I was watching some old FNAF videos and in your video Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 2 you walk about how Nightmare is death. Now clearly we know that's wrong now but you mentioned how only Nightmare and Golden Freddy have jump scares that are a static screen then crash your game. You also talked about how Golden Freddy and Nightmare have inverse colours. What is this is a symbol of the 2 spirits in Golden Freddy's suit. Nightmare is the spirit that can't see while golden Freddy is the one that can (like you talk about in one of your book videos).

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    “You can tell that Scott’s feeling a little guilty these days...” Well that aged well

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    wait if the third theory is true does that william also a second name called "Larson" becuz the detective becomes Afton ?

  • GetReadyToBeAGenius


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    @ascended savage ikr i meant IF it was true lol

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    Click bacon boy fnaf 3 go back minigame

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    I hate the fact that Scott’s retiring :(

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    i came to a conclusion fnaf 2 shadow bonie and glitch trap are the same, because the face, body and teeth are the same, shadow bonie is a haunting of the past to show who had killed the childrens.

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    Water Is The Most OP Element In This Franchise.

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    Afton was the name of my dog

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    11:35 “Orville, not every story has to have significance, y'know? Sometimes, a...y'know, sometimes, a story's just a story. You try to read into every little thing, and find meaning in everything anyone says, you'll just drive yourself crazy. “ some purple hippo

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    2:15 welp time to open my hollow metal chest with reserved...BURGIR

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    Just one thing i wanted to point out is how does golden freedy (The Crying child) "say Its Me" when he sees his older brother but Then in The Fnaf Survival Log Book Cassady asks "What do you see" But Then Crying Child Anwsers "i cant see" but that dosen´t make sense. If he couldn´t see then how could he SEE is Older Brother and Say "Its Me" just a thing here i noticed (idk if i was the first or if any one else has said this once before) But thats just a Point A PIN POINT thx for reading :)

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  • Hayden Mock
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    on the midnight motorest minigame in pizeria simalator I found a way to get the car past where you couldn't bring the car nothing happen except when you went in to the house he was invisible.

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    why dont you do a theory on the bendy books. really wacky stuff

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    intro is pretty funni

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    If it helps, the books are ending with 11 in the series. I searched up the meaning of the number 11 and it came up with this: Angel number 11 is a message from the angels concerning your soul mission or greater life purpose. When the angels send you messages containing Master Number 11 they are sending you inspiration and encouragement to develop your abilities in ways that will help all of humanity. Angel number 11 symbolizes the principles of spiritual enlightenment and awakening and is a reminder from our angels that we have come to this physical world from the realm of spirit. That might help in some way, it may not be confirmation but it might indicate to something coming in the 11th book :)

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    I think Scott keeps making dabbing chicas because he knows matt hates it

  • Xander Mckeever
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    wait in the bad ending foxy's eyepatch is on and theres a dim light comeing from it anyone know what dats about?

  • Vant van

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    the dim light under his eye could be a hint towards Mangle being the one who caused the bite of 87' if we're still going with the two bites theory since Mangle Seems to be a toy version of Foxy.

  • CookieManos
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    Theory about the golden Freddy: the one soul noticed you like his brother that's why he says "it's me" but the second one noticed you as an enemy and the second one is the reason you get jumpscared by golden Freddy

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    The real hero of Fnaf "The water drop" OHHHHhhhHHHHhHH

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    Just a friendly reminder that fnaf came out in 2014 and we’re all old as hell now.

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    I read the book after I watched this but I thought he was joking about the the time traveling ball pit

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    The vengeful spirit is Evan Afton cause the voice lines say he and not she so can you make a theory on the voice lines from custom night.

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    You can stop saying this dumb joke every time

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    Guys he did the vid and I know I know

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    s cat r gcmv. Gg g. H *. C7/ gcmv. Dogg gA snaXDD

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    My own honest little game theory was the Mat Pat got it right the first time around with the theory about the third or second game but scott was like "dammit the weren't supposed to figure it out that fast" so he just started making incoherent plot twists to keep it going

    I CRAZY UNICORN13 dagar sedan

    Do you think Scott Cawthon hasn't been making a lore and has just been throwing random stuff in the games go see what MatPatt does?

  • ElijahZeGeek
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    0:19 William afton: I will always come back! I am golden Bonnie! Hahah 😈 Water drop: ima bout to end this mans whole career 😎 William afton: AAHHHHHH!!!

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    We clearly do live in the darkest timeline considering what the last FNAF video was about.