Game Theory: DRINK ME Dri̹̣̇̏n̲͙̒͒K͈̥̎̌̄͘ ṃ̛͊͗̒̋Ė̼̦̝̩̀͛̍ ̡̘͓̑͐͋D̐̀̀rIN̩͎̂͞k ḿ̖̰̒ē̛̗͒̂ (OnlyCans)


  • Jkguiuo
    Jkguiuo2 timmar sedan

    I searched up lemon party... got to the party city site!

  • Sarah Beckman
    Sarah Beckman2 timmar sedan

    I looked up lemon party I swear do not look it up

  • Molnskuggan
    Molnskuggan3 timmar sedan

    Video 16 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Musard Man
    Musard Man3 timmar sedan

    sheze more like sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Iris Kitty
    Iris Kitty4 timmar sedan

    Did you ever do a second crow sixty four video? If not pLeAse do!

  • Anaya
    Anaya7 timmar sedan

    Matt: can't mention OnlyFans without getting demonetized Also Matt: BDSM Clowns

  • Amanda Goyke
    Amanda Goyke9 timmar sedan

    I looked up lemon part but didn't click images thankfully because well look it up BUT DONT I MEAN DONT LOOK AT IMAGES. Look up if 18+....

  • Nicole Mardesich
    Nicole Mardesich14 timmar sedan

    (0:51) cursed data? More like cursed diet

  • [AQIL]CryoAzure
    [AQIL]CryoAzure15 timmar sedan

    I just googled it

  • Poggers Champ
    Poggers Champ18 timmar sedan

    I looked up lemon party so you don’t have to trust me... DONT DO IT

  • Fortunate Cookie
    Fortunate CookieDag sedan

    It’s all over if you accidentally press f and not c

  • RyanLiveOfficial
    RyanLiveOfficialDag sedan

    Why did you put away undertale when the dude said dead kid chara and frisk are dead or dead some times

  • Finn Fricking Games
    Finn Fricking GamesDag sedan

    hey do an episode about if toads are the same as the mushrooms in super mario.

  • The Lone Whale
    The Lone WhaleDag sedan


  • MilkManMiles TDS
    MilkManMiles TDSDag sedan

    Do A Game Theory About Roblox Tower Defense Simulator It Has A Lot Of Theory's That Are Unsolved Here's The Link To The Game

  • Giyuu tomioka
    Giyuu tomiokaDag sedan

    O n l y c a n s

  • Jill Imig
    Jill Imig2 dagar sedan

    Yep demonetized

  • PRO Martin
    PRO Martin2 dagar sedan


  • VA-city
    VA-city2 dagar sedan

    just don't search lemon party

  • Advancering Newholder
    Advancering Newholder2 dagar sedan

    4:52 I'm not going to Google it, I'll DuckDuckGo it.

  • Cristy Morgan
    Cristy Morgan2 dagar sedan

    Yoyalcake! From bfdia!

  • cozmo
    cozmo2 dagar sedan

    Now amagin being a human can

  • Savannah Clauser
    Savannah Clauser3 dagar sedan

    I googled lemon party 💀

  • Fliqpy
    Fliqpy3 dagar sedan

    c a n

  • mono kuma
    mono kuma3 dagar sedan

    Litterly eddwardo

  • fROK
    fROK3 dagar sedan

    i already know what lemon party is, don’t look it up.

  • Not Furry
    Not Furry3 dagar sedan

    when game theory mentions the name of the country you live in

  • Rylen Barber
    Rylen Barber3 dagar sedan

    This was AWESOME

  • Berry ● Bee
    Berry ● Bee3 dagar sedan

    *DO NOT GOOGLE LEMON PARTY* Me: *Ima do a pro gamer move*

  • Michael Drzyzga
    Michael Drzyzga3 dagar sedan

    I went to Wikipedia rather than Google to figure out Lemon Party: - the one to avoid is a shock gore site - probably the intended reference was the Lemon Party of Canada, a political parody party. Given the game's context of political connections, I'm pretty sure this is what the game was trying to reference.

  • Peri Uluirmak
    Peri Uluirmak3 dagar sedan

    RIP to everyone who searched lemon party

  • kokichi fanpage
    kokichi fanpage3 dagar sedan

    Thanks now I can't sleep

  • Jadyn Rae
    Jadyn Rae4 dagar sedan

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news. I did not get the job at Froot Loops. My body is now your communion.

  • Sarah Flemming-Fraser
    Sarah Flemming-Fraser4 dagar sedan


  • Cristy Morgan

    Cristy Morgan

    2 dagar sedan


  • Diona💘✨
    Diona💘✨4 dagar sedan

    Have you done piggy from Roblox please 😀🤍

    MIZO PA4 dagar sedan

    Human souls trapped in metal structures? Where have I heard that before....

  • ChaoticJellybean
    ChaoticJellybean4 dagar sedan

    Shize Nutts

  • Benjamin Yeoh
    Benjamin Yeoh4 dagar sedan

    Does no one remember bfdi and “Yoyle cake” in it????

  • DreyFT
    DreyFT4 dagar sedan

    shize, but with the kinda disturbing theory, more like *sheeeeeeze*

  • your local fnaf nerd
    your local fnaf nerd4 dagar sedan

    He sounds like dobby!

  • All About Science
    All About Science4 dagar sedan

    the shortest horror movie ive ever seen

  • EazyBreezyWasNotLost
    EazyBreezyWasNotLost4 dagar sedan

    Why didn’t I listen??? I searched up “Lemon party” and now all of my innocence is nonexistent

  • Eben The Actor
    Eben The Actor5 dagar sedan

    Anyone else look up “lemon party”?

  • renGoku Kyojuro
    renGoku Kyojuro5 dagar sedan

    I searched it up and I'm traumatized

  • X-Yuma_Studios- X
    X-Yuma_Studios- X5 dagar sedan

    When he meant dont search he really meant it I searched it and now... "Bad stuff" happened

  • Zechariah Charles Dugay
    Zechariah Charles Dugay5 dagar sedan

    dont search up lemon party its so disgusting dont

  • Alistor Chasewell
    Alistor Chasewell6 dagar sedan

    aluminati confirmed

  • Protoborg
    Protoborg6 dagar sedan


  • Marie Pol
    Marie Pol6 dagar sedan

    mat pat im sorry im late and im sorry but i looked up lemon party😭😭😭😭😭 i will be traumatized forever why did i not take your advice….

  • SnetFlip
    SnetFlip6 dagar sedan

    Someone look up lemon party

  • secret chubble
    secret chubble6 dagar sedan

    onlycans LMFOAAOO

  • Isabel the Rabbit
    Isabel the Rabbit6 dagar sedan

    Eyo guys don't google lemon party, it's just a party with gay old men My poor eyes 😭

  • Shaun Link
    Shaun Link6 dagar sedan

    any1 wanna see my onlycans?

  • Egg Smasher
    Egg Smasher6 dagar sedan

    12:59 It’s Horrible Horrible It’s absolutely Awful please I’ve got to hide you now in here

  • Painmachine2920
    Painmachine29206 dagar sedan

    I searched lemon party ill never look at old people the same

  • Alexa Isobelle Casiñas Alejano
    Alexa Isobelle Casiñas Alejano7 dagar sedan

    Lemon party hmmm...... searched it anyways and it. Was. Horrifying

  • Audray Paul Cebusana
    Audray Paul Cebusana7 dagar sedan

    I did a mistake i googled lemon party and i regret it

  • •ɨռօƈɦɨɢǟӄɛ•
    •ɨռօƈɦɨɢǟӄɛ•7 dagar sedan

    Where is the 2nd John Shize though?

  • Logan Mcintyre
    Logan Mcintyre7 dagar sedan

    My grandfather to my cousin all have the same name like the Shizes

    STUART WHEATLEY7 dagar sedan

    When I went on the lemon party site it said it had not safe for kids content and I closed that tab

  • McKenna Rodriguez
    McKenna Rodriguez7 dagar sedan

    Imma look up lemon party, future me, is it bad?

  • McKenna Rodriguez

    McKenna Rodriguez

    7 dagar sedan

    I- yes, I regret it

  • sussy
    sussy7 dagar sedan

    Cola theorists

  • chestio
    chestio8 dagar sedan

    Bible discussion study meeting clowns

  • Ella Tadlock
    Ella Tadlock8 dagar sedan

    I regret looking up lemon party. WHAT IS SEEN CAN NOT BE UNSEEN

  • TacoAnimations !
    TacoAnimations !8 dagar sedan


  • SerinaStudiosYT
    SerinaStudiosYT8 dagar sedan

    As a person with a curiosity level of over 1 million, please do not google lemon party I took the job of googling it on incognito mode, please do not google it

  • SerinaStudiosYT


    7 dagar sedan

    @FaeryDust I have failed my objective

  • FaeryDust


    7 dagar sedan

    i want to google it now

  • Tjzhdicfh Getfjt
    Tjzhdicfh Getfjt8 dagar sedan

    The determined buffer seemingly rain because low baly x-ray as a large cocoa. dramatic, near ferryboat

  • Andrew Koettker
    Andrew Koettker8 dagar sedan

    Unintelligible conversation says So ugly absolutely ugly, I’ve got to hide you know, junior

  • Ppl in da streets
    Ppl in da streets8 dagar sedan

    Political soda? Nah living soda

  • Seth Owens
    Seth Owens8 dagar sedan

    Keep can talned

    YEET MAN9 dagar sedan

    kids... don't look up lemon party...PLEASE

    REDACTED9 dagar sedan

    I looked lemon party up and now I regret it 😂😅🥲

  • hunter my beloved
    hunter my beloved9 dagar sedan

    the second diver sounds EXACTLY like anthony stewart head lmaoo (buffy fans anyone?)

  • Kareem Hassan
    Kareem Hassan9 dagar sedan


  • Kermit Wants Death
    Kermit Wants Death9 dagar sedan

    Welp I googled "Lemon Party", luckily I didn't see any videos, I just saw the description...

  • nh dw
    nh dw9 dagar sedan

    The remarkable order pragmatically cure because atom ultrastructually arrive of a bloody beggar. animated, rotten pleasure

  • Riphkin
    Riphkin9 dagar sedan

    to me diet coke tastes like sparkling water

  • Daijiro Matyáš Kucsara
    Daijiro Matyáš Kucsara9 dagar sedan

    What happens if I google Lemon Party?

  • yuura ?
    yuura ?9 dagar sedan

    can someone tell me what will happen if we search "lemon party" at google?? im so curious-

  • Ldean0
    Ldean010 dagar sedan

    If you look up “what is shize” it says it means feces so iono if that means anything

    THE UNHOLY BURGER10 dagar sedan

    if ya don't k now only fans is a website were people pay to see people lewd pictures of themselves

  • Strawberry Lollipop29
    Strawberry Lollipop2910 dagar sedan

    I can't wait for a retrospective of why the internet had that 'dead children phase'

  • TheOrangeKitten_Cat
    TheOrangeKitten_Cat10 dagar sedan

    I really want to look up lemon party

  • The Remdem
    The Remdem11 dagar sedan

    I didn't heed the warning and now I don't think I'm going to heaven

  • what's its name
    what's its name11 dagar sedan

    I searched lemonparty and I immediately regretted it

  • Draven Huffman
    Draven Huffman11 dagar sedan

    Susie must be the player character

  • Kn_7
    Kn_711 dagar sedan

    13:16 SSD_02 sounds like Chris Redfield and Shize sound like Heisenberg from Re8 lol

  • Stop motion create
    Stop motion create11 dagar sedan


  • Kikian Gaming
    Kikian Gaming11 dagar sedan

    Search Lemon Party on google the disturbing thing doesnt appear it only says what it is.

  • I Am The Yeet God
    I Am The Yeet God11 dagar sedan

    BDSM clowns huh, and by that you mean THE PAYDAY GANG.

  • Hazren Tengah
    Hazren Tengah11 dagar sedan

    Bubble:YOYLE CAKE (A bfdi reference)

  • Emir Husein Berberac
    Emir Husein Berberac11 dagar sedan

    I googld it it was horibel.

  • picklegamma
    picklegamma11 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for the sequel onlypans, a game were you take pictures of kitchen pans and you can "wipe them with butter" 😏

  • __Husk__
    __Husk__11 dagar sedan

    am i really watching this at 2:30 in the morning? yes. yes i am.

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson11 dagar sedan

    Shize, pronounced "sheez"? More like "scheiss". Can *that* flavor!

  • jacob Grable
    jacob Grable12 dagar sedan

    make The Drink Theorists

  • sophie
    sophie12 dagar sedan

    MatPat: DO NOT LOOK UP LEMON PARTY Me: hmmm I’m curious Me when I look it up: 😃who am I? Where am I😁 do I need mental help?😊

  • Heart Candy
    Heart Candy12 dagar sedan


  • TheWorstGhost123
    TheWorstGhost12312 dagar sedan


  • the boss 2.0: awakened furry
    the boss 2.0: awakened furry12 dagar sedan

    The can has pubic hair