Game Theory: You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)

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Today is the day, Theorists! The day that I, once and for all, prove that Ash's Pikachu is WEAK! That's right! There is no Level 100 here. Throughout the anime, Pikachu has proved to not be as strong of a contender as we were led to believe. Let's get into the evidence!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
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FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee and Thomas Torbergsen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty6 timmar sedan

    Didn't he beat a legendary too? You didn't count the exp from those.

  • Audiostyleable
    Audiostyleable7 timmar sedan

    bottom of google doc they show says level 61 hope that's not an oopsie edit: it was an oopsie. 7:40 right of matpats head

  • Silent Watcher69
    Silent Watcher697 timmar sedan

    Pikachu is actually just level 25 when i got it pokemon shield

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    6 timmar sedan

    Psss matpat i got a tip for you and here it is: you should calculate how many hits pikachu gets hit from until he faints to determine his HP.

  • Punkizm
    Punkizm8 timmar sedan

    Did you watch all the movie intros and outros? Because there’s snippets of battles not shown during the movie. Also things are lost in translation, did you watched the subbed version?

  • Llama
    Llama8 timmar sedan

    Me: *Pokes pikachu* Pikachu: *dies*

  • Monk Mika
    Monk Mika10 timmar sedan

    Who wants to let Mat know about how you can get Ash's pikachu in Ultra Sun & Moon and his level is literally 21

  • Corupted Name
    Corupted Name12 timmar sedan

    Guys remember in the pokemon game you can make a pokemon a higher level then the pokemon your suppose to fight so maybe that is the reason who knows but ya know what red can take down ash faster then ash can say pikachu I choose you

  • Derrick Ortiz
    Derrick Ortiz14 timmar sedan

    Pikachu is not weak the pokemon's still learning how to get stronger

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez15 timmar sedan

    Me- *sees mat pat use 69* also me- niceeeee

  • tufrabza
    tufrabza16 timmar sedan

    At least in earlier episodes, Pikachu would nuke Team Rocket/Meowth / sometimes others, would that not count for some xp too?

  • NasaKat
    NasaKat18 timmar sedan

    Where the heck did you find English dubs of all the episodes of all the seasons of pokemon

  • Cocoa Puff
    Cocoa Puff19 timmar sedan

    Now we need someone to finish the rest to find the level currently

  • katie m.
    katie m.21 timme sedan

    Please can u do a We Happy Few theory?

  • Andreas Nielsen
    Andreas Nielsen21 timme sedan

    I got a theory for Pokémon go about the go rocket leaders working together with the team leaders think about it in the new quest you get a jolteon for beating siara the only girl and on the team leaders site team yellow the only boy is electric like jolteon and the same whit team blue and cliff and red and arlo

  • Sarah Macpherson
    Sarah Macpherson22 timmar sedan

    Poor Matpat, he had to Watch SOOO many Pokemon movies and episodes

  • John Cox
    John Cox23 timmar sedan

    I by all means am not saying this was wrong at the *time,though from google at the end of pikachu's journey,he is around level *200 and apparently,there aren't any levels in the anime,although this was a great,eye catching video,the level could be slightly off,but snivy STILL SHOULD BE TOAST i can tell ya that.

  • Not_Normal
    Not_NormalDag sedan

    Matpat, i have a new thing you should theory. Its: Brawl Stars/Supercell, just find: WKBRL stream or Secrets behind Starr park

  • hashem almazidi
    hashem almazidiDag sedan

    Pokemon journeys

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoyDag sedan

    Psss matpat i got a tip for you and here it is: you should calculate how many hits pikachu gets hit from until he faints to determine his HP.

  • TooMuckinFuch17
    TooMuckinFuch17Dag sedan

    Why you show his level in the spreadsheet halfway through the video?

  • ClubAmerica92
    ClubAmerica92Dag sedan

    Reason why I stopped watching Pokémon.

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Dag sedan

    Now calculate it upto the end of ultra sun and moon

  • Poke-games
    Poke-gamesDag sedan

    I recently started indigo league and my Netflix keeps like locking me out of a episode how do I fix this?

  • Bobs
    BobsDag sedan

    I thought I subed but I only did on my ps5 and tv

  • Carl Larson
    Carl LarsonDag sedan

    Matt Pat, when are you going to do Roblox?

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooiDag sedan

    Psss matpat i got a tip for you and here it is: you should calculate how many hits pikachu gets hit from until he faints to determine his HP.

  • Ivan 2.0G
    Ivan 2.0GDag sedan

    Why does our game theory and not film theory

  • Hiroki Moody
    Hiroki MoodyDag sedan

    Keep in mind that the snivy's tail destroyed the terrain in 1:27, is anyone taking into account the terrain's toughness

  • mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    Dag sedan

    Obviously pikachu pulled back on its hit and faked its loss against snivy

  • Purple_ _Squad157
    Purple_ _Squad157Dag sedan

    What if ash is actually in a coma and his entire adventure has been the same year looped over and over in his head with time not 'really' passing for him. (It's dumb and not right at all I know)

  • Sage Trent
    Sage Trent2 dagar sedan

    But what about baby Kangaskhan?Where’s the Pokédex entry?

    ULTIMATE AUSCARIO2 dagar sedan

  • BamKalamity
    BamKalamity2 dagar sedan

    I really want to see what would happen if Matpat made a because science episode with Kyle

  • Raven Fighter91
    Raven Fighter912 dagar sedan

    8:36 that's the laugh of a man who has been through hell

  • Alex's real life
    Alex's real life2 dagar sedan

    Theory (this makes absolutely a lot of sense, especially in XY and Journeys - the 2 that I watched): Ash is a super strategist and come out with out-of-the-boxes techniques but sometimes forgets real important things

  • Gaming BOi2
    Gaming BOi22 dagar sedan

    The Intro Is epic

  • Shawn Jensen
    Shawn Jensen2 dagar sedan

    And now calculate Red's Pikachu Level . Across all his appearances.

    JACOB THEBEAST072 dagar sedan

    POV ash forgot to save the game and loss all his progress 😳

  • 19- Saksham Prashar
    19- Saksham Prashar2 dagar sedan

    Now calculate it upto the end of ultra sun and moon

  • Parikshit Rao
    Parikshit Rao2 dagar sedan


  • Rach
    Rach2 dagar sedan

    You should do videos on old OG computer games like Putt Putt or Pajama Sam!!!

  • Pi
    Pi2 dagar sedan

    Who is "no you are not the one" ghost girl?

  • K m
    K m2 dagar sedan

    take a day off you deserve it

    RYANANDREI BANGA2 dagar sedan

    i watched all the episode kanto region to the sword and shield but idk whats happening and why did snivy beat pikachu but its only for fun

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C2 dagar sedan

    Obviously pikachu pulled back on its hit and faked its loss against snivy

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C2 dagar sedan

    Dude im loving dan hes great!! Use him in more stuff on this channel

  • Virtual Hidden Bot
    Virtual Hidden Bot2 dagar sedan

    Its only been 2 years that have passed in ashs timeline someone on reddit did the research

  • Hiram Maze
    Hiram Maze2 dagar sedan

    ur wrong pikachu is at lvl. 225

  • NumbersNan Gaming 1
    NumbersNan Gaming 12 dagar sedan

    Fun facts: 1 hour of playing Pokemon in real life is Equal to 1 years on pokemon anime

  • Morgan_Fucking_Freeman
    Morgan_Fucking_Freeman2 dagar sedan

    Maybe Snivey got a super *duper* critical hit.

  • Hggdfs*hufeshgyersfes Gfatyshggdsyfueuyfw
    Hggdfs*hufeshgyersfes Gfatyshggdsyfueuyfw2 dagar sedan

    You are are wrong about pikachu level

  • SWAMPuS🏳️‍🌈
    SWAMPuS🏳️‍🌈2 dagar sedan

    Actually, grass types are stronger against electric types

  • V Kidz Gamez
    V Kidz Gamez2 dagar sedan

    To much rare candys

  • Jayman 64
    Jayman 642 dagar sedan

    Matpat thinks he owns Nintendo and believes his words are gospel

  • Onion
    Onion3 dagar sedan

    I think one thing is missed here: Snivy can't actually learn leaf tornado until level 16, meaning that Snivy here is at least level 16 during the fight. This might be able to change up the results a bit maybe?

  • Alex Halász
    Alex Halász3 dagar sedan

    Hate to say that MatPat spoilt the big reveal at 7:39.

  • Ariel Harloff
    Ariel Harloff3 dagar sedan

    This episode felt really short. I mean good to know but eh I feel like something was missing here

  • Zavier Raighne Cena
    Zavier Raighne Cena3 dagar sedan

    Pickchu is dumb

  • ler2013
    ler20133 dagar sedan

    Haha red laughing in the background

  • Lopy 64
    Lopy 643 dagar sedan

    Thanks for putting so much dedication into your videos! It's not every day you'll find a channel this good.

  • Jeremy May
    Jeremy May3 dagar sedan

    You just had to put "Nice" next to Pikachu's attack hahahaha

  • Araz393 #yeterartik ☑️
    Araz393 #yeterartik ☑️3 dagar sedan

    Theory: Pikachu may not be strong, but ash’s tactics makes him be. like in raichu vs pikachu ash tells pikachu to stand on his iron tail and on pokemon sun and moon he says use quick attack then iron tail to attack more stronger, so thats why we think pikachu is so powerful. Hes not, the tactics ash uses are fooling us thats why we think pikachu is so much powerful.

  • Dream
    Dream3 dagar sedan

    Thank you scott

  • FoxGalah
    FoxGalah3 dagar sedan

    Pokemon theory: The Ultra Space Wilds and Ultra Ruin are on the same planet: Well, both of them have reversed music with strange sounds, both are inhabited with Pokemon found in on PokeEarth. Since this Pokemon world is in the future, the people of this parallel PokeEarth might have found a piece of uninhabited land. Then, just incase people would want legendaries and didn't want to endanger the planet, they decided to clone legendaries to go in the Ultra Space Wilds along with normal pokemon. Now people can catch legendaries without the fuss of: "where is Palkia? Space is being destroyed" or "We need Necrozma to bring light to Ultra Megalopolis but a parallel 10 year old caught him!" and "Tapu Koko! The island is being terrorised by a guzzlord! Oh wait, he's with an 11 year old who came from a parallel universe". But how did they create the guzzlords and why is the Ultra Space Wilds not polluted yet. Well, I think that people experimented with Pokemon and eventually created the first guzzlord. He was to big so they let him loose. And then more guzzlords got created and they destroyed Alola. And the reason why they aren't terrorising other places is due to the fact that they are to big to swim.

  • Tony2Truuu TV
    Tony2Truuu TV3 dagar sedan

    Has MattPat done a theory on the movement of time in the Pokémon universe. Because ash has been 10yo for almost 30yrs😅

  • LPP
    LPP3 dagar sedan

    Team Rocked had no idea how Pikachu is weak.

  • Senku Senju
    Senku Senju3 dagar sedan

    How strong is hero brine?

  • fluttershy thecutest
    fluttershy thecutest3 dagar sedan

    What if team rocket knows about this and they aren't after pikachu at all,they follow ash so they can tell his dad how he's doing

  • Kushal Koujalagi
    Kushal Koujalagi3 dagar sedan

    Wait why isn't he doing the rest of unova, kalos, alola, and pokemon journeys?

  • OxProxxy
    OxProxxy4 dagar sedan

    Pikachu's level is actually revealed at 7:40 into the video. file:///Users/birb/Pictures/Photos%20Library.photoslibrary/originals/E/EAED7355-2DB1-41A7-AA7D-F80F670CA533.png

  • Diana Anaid
    Diana Anaid4 dagar sedan

    This guy has the most dumb mind and voice. Thank god he is fake

  • Diana Anaid
    Diana Anaid4 dagar sedan


  • MirainoHikari
    MirainoHikari4 dagar sedan

    Now, next step, what level is Pikachu when Satoshi (Ash) finally get a job in the Galar arc after finally going to school in the Alola arc.

  • Manta - Edits
    Manta - Edits4 dagar sedan

    It’s been years since I watched Pokémon but the Pokémon advanced op is the best Pokémon intro ngl

  • Kai Pollard
    Kai Pollard4 dagar sedan

    I mean thats just snivy part 3 do the other seasons d:

  • Gerald Bantolino
    Gerald Bantolino4 dagar sedan

    Hey! GT Team @7:40 you just guys revealed the level before the big reveal :D

  • Bono
    Bono4 dagar sedan

    Game theory? I thought it was film?!

  • dragonhold4
    dragonhold44 dagar sedan

    [Rebuttle] If Ash's pokemon fights so few battles, how would any of them evolve? The level scaling has to be different for the show.

  • Thien Huong
    Thien Huong4 dagar sedan

    OK but check your Netflix-

  • Drahcir
    Drahcir4 dagar sedan

    Ok so you did all the on-screen battles. What about all the battles that are just mentioned? Or any other xp gaining activities they take part in.

  • PrinceFatman
    PrinceFatman4 dagar sedan


  • Richard Mazzocco Jr
    Richard Mazzocco Jr4 dagar sedan

    You guys should do a theory on how quickly squirtle would turn into a rasin if he sprayed the amount of water they show him using with water gun lol.

  • Oskar Lee
    Oskar Lee4 dagar sedan

    Theory idea doom eternal how strong is the doom slayer

  • Frankazm
    Frankazm4 dagar sedan

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  • Robert Ågren
    Robert Ågren4 dagar sedan

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  • Andrés Cuadra
    Andrés Cuadra4 dagar sedan


  • Spewku
    Spewku4 dagar sedan

    The biggest, if not the only, piece of evidence people have for Ash's Pikachu resetting is the fight with Snivy. Personally, I don't think Pikachu got reset because all we got is this piece of evidence. Others in the comments also mentioned maybe Pikachu wasn't on full health during the fight and I have to heavily agree that it could be a possibility. I mean c'mon, Ash is a bit dumb. Also, I don't think the creators and directors of the show intended that, if they did there would be more things pointing to that claim. In reality, the fight was probably just a plot device to get the story moving along

  • Vlog Dog
    Vlog Dog5 dagar sedan

    Plz continue this until Pokémon journeys I really want to know what his final level is

  • Lolly Almaguer
    Lolly Almaguer5 dagar sedan


  • Matthew Sosa
    Matthew Sosa5 dagar sedan

    Theory: pac man and Kirby are the same species, think about it, never gets full,can eat anything

  • Aaralyn Reyes
    Aaralyn Reyes5 dagar sedan

    What if there's a multiverse in Pokemon for Ash

  • Adrianna Every day
    Adrianna Every day5 dagar sedan

    m. k mm mm

  • Diamond Charmander
    Diamond Charmander5 dagar sedan

    At one point I thought that pikachu had his level reset anytime that he goes to a new region by plane because twice that it’s happened he got sick and lost the first gym battle.

  • Girlie1654
    Girlie16545 dagar sedan

    Matpat you should do a Pokémon video finding out what is underneath mimikyu , team rockets Pokémon they later catch A little later of the anime. Try and find out what is under his mask

  • Ruben Rodrigo
    Ruben Rodrigo5 dagar sedan

    Sad I could see the final pikachu lvl at minute 7:40 XD

  • asmnazimus sakib
    asmnazimus sakib5 dagar sedan

    Can you tell about my little pony

  • Jason Bong
    Jason Bong5 dagar sedan

    Trade bouns exp is a thing 9:56

  • GrimDrago
    GrimDrago5 dagar sedan

    This doesn't even mention Zekrom attacking Pikachu

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok5 dagar sedan

    watch, but I'm stilll intrigued. Dont think I could watch all seasons though. You madman

  • Anthony Robert
    Anthony Robert5 dagar sedan

    Honestly just fantastic work

  • Some Dude Named Hank :p
    Some Dude Named Hank :p5 dagar sedan

    Pikachu : Beats god Also Pikachu Gets Beaten By A SNIVY B R U H

  • serry ciok

    serry ciok

    5 dagar sedan

    I always thought pikachu was so over rated my EMPOLEON is where its at

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    Matt Jobson5 dagar sedan

    7:40 Spoiles the total level