Game Theory: Dear MatPat, I Fixed Your Theory (First Episode Remastered)


  • Molnskuggan
    Molnskuggan3 timmar sedan

    Video 22 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Jupiter_”Pearl”
    Jupiter_”Pearl”6 timmar sedan

    Who else went to find the video after seeing this? 👇 👇

  • lene hedegaard
    lene hedegaard9 timmar sedan

    This channel was made before I was born. That’s crazy!

  • jpf5918
    jpf591810 timmar sedan

    Dude he “ruined”(made my childhood better)!!me now 👧🏻

  • Kyogery
    Kyogery13 timmar sedan

    Love your videos Matpat!! Chrono Trigger is one of my all time favorite games! Just curious, what about Endgame theory on time travel?

  • Jen Wink
    Jen Wink17 timmar sedan

    Ddsu Kile

  • Revertz 1ups
    Revertz 1upsDag sedan

    Omg I remember the closet

  • DC4L
    DC4L2 dagar sedan

    This wad posted on my birthday.

  • Ivory Barksdale
    Ivory Barksdale2 dagar sedan

    Oh man the first episode was like 48 hours before the April 27, 2011 Super Tornado outbreak

  • Armina Luv
    Armina Luv2 dagar sedan

    I loved bill nye the science guy I’d always watch him for science lessons

  • Ukulele Villain
    Ukulele Villain3 dagar sedan

    I love how people are actually dumb enough to think “time slips” are real.

  • NerdJet
    NerdJet4 dagar sedan

    There was an ad right after he said "DEEP THOUGHTS OF GAMING" XD

  • Nintencat
    Nintencat5 dagar sedan

    "Today is an episode which not much people are clicking on" Excuse Mr MatPat Game Theorists Man btu do you thing that (when im commenting this) 3,175,347 views is a bit?

  • Ben But Better
    Ben But Better6 dagar sedan

    10 years! wait that’s the same age as me…. oh….

  • Ha I exist
    Ha I exist6 dagar sedan

    I was hoping for the theatre thing again lol

  • Eric Southard
    Eric Southard9 dagar sedan

    Aron Ra came up with a cool idea called a “Chronodrone”, that wouldn’t take you back in time but would let you SEE back in time without causing any paradoxes.

  • The llama
    The llama9 dagar sedan

    You should create another channel called World Theory

  • Liampbjray
    Liampbjray11 dagar sedan

    "not many of you are clicking on" *has 3 million views*

  • Даня Андриенко
    Даня Андриенко12 dagar sedan

    I've only been here since like 1.5 subs, and I'm a lil late to the party with this comment, but i would like to thank you, MatPat, for those amazing years of theorising and solving mysteries. As soon as i finish a new game, the first thing i do is search for your videos on it, just so i know I didn't miss anything. You're absolutely amazing, and I'm eternally grateful to you and the whole team for keeping breaking my childhood even tho I'm 19 already. Keep up the good work and good luck with your other channels as well!! Love you MatPat

  • Harald Emerson
    Harald Emerson12 dagar sedan

    I'm playing this game right now on my dad's Super Nintendo. It's amazing.

  • Mr. Charger
    Mr. Charger12 dagar sedan

    So...uh MatPat are we gonna get that link to the website that was in the original video that didn't have annotations or what? Like no rush or anything just when I typed it in it brought me to the home page of youtube. edit: ok so i reversed back when it showed the old youtube screen and had the capital letters and typed it in and it brought me to a unavailable video.

  • Anime Ninja Sensei
    Anime Ninja Sensei15 dagar sedan

    Epic intro music is what I came for

  • JimarasGr
    JimarasGr18 dagar sedan

    Me who discovered the channel a few days ago: "Cool"

  • Paige Gravell
    Paige Gravell18 dagar sedan

    Why does this remind me of Loki?🙃😂

  • William Hannah
    William Hannah18 dagar sedan

    Was the end good? I stopped watching when he said Final Thought. Sounded lame.

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson18 dagar sedan

    9:18, You can't tell me that Robot doesn't look like the God of Destruction from Universe 3

  • Jorgz VL11
    Jorgz VL1119 dagar sedan

    me ajurassic world fan :we can make dinosaur just like john hammond and dr henry wu

  • The gaming secret
    The gaming secret19 dagar sedan

    I have no words were back at 2011 time travel time

  • Matt Cyr
    Matt Cyr23 dagar sedan

    11:18 WOAH! HOLD ON A SECOND! I started watching this show as a 7th grader. Only 12 years old. MatPat, please tell me I am not the age you started this as. 22 years old? We already share the same first name, and similarly named close friends. I REALLY DON'T need to find out we share anything else. LOL

  • Matt Cyr

    Matt Cyr

    23 dagar sedan

    *looks up matpat's age* Thank you LORD!

  • RemGremlin Gaming
    RemGremlin Gaming23 dagar sedan

    the intro GOES HARD!

  • Yehonatan The great
    Yehonatan The great23 dagar sedan

    And happy anniversary Matthew Robert Patrick

  • Yehonatan The great
    Yehonatan The great23 dagar sedan

    A blast from the past isn’t it

  • Block squadmotion
    Block squadmotion24 dagar sedan

    Hey film theory has 299 videos

  • Aman Mohammed
    Aman Mohammed24 dagar sedan

    Thankl you for the big smile you put on my face and those you've put long before too

  • Vicho Kreis
    Vicho Kreis26 dagar sedan

    Started watching this when I was 11 in 2012 and god were there jokes I didn't get

  • Clever name Right here
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  • J Scott
    J Scott28 dagar sedan

    Anybody remember this joke my pichu will smash ball you up

  • Ramon Sasso
    Ramon Sasso28 dagar sedan

    am I the only one who still can't click the link at 3:33?

  • Janus Zeal
    Janus Zeal29 dagar sedan

    Mattpat will never guesw hat game i've been streaming lately. Let my peope go RAAAAAAAAAAWR

  • João Victor CAOS
    João Victor CAOSMånad sedan

    Chrono Trigger. Time Travel. Matpat Coming back to it after 10 years. Balacend, as it should be

  • SyphL
    SyphLMånad sedan

    Finally, Theory Theory.

    NEVERSUB2MEMånad sedan

    I watched all 3 begining videos of the 3 channels, yeah, you have improved, a lot, still got the cringe, humor, and your other aspects, but a lot have changed, nice job on over 20m subs!

  • Julian Lash
    Julian LashMånad sedan

    I legit was about to click off when he said matpats final thought

  • Thabang Nkopane
    Thabang NkopaneMånad sedan

  • Dom2fasttt4u
    Dom2fasttt4uMånad sedan

    I clicked this vid

  • Kurt Billington
    Kurt BillingtonMånad sedan

    Anyone else notice that MatPat pronounced Epoch as epic and not EE-Pock?

  • Parikshit Rao
    Parikshit RaoMånad sedan

    Ahh I see, the cringe awkwardly cute jokes were there from the beginning

  • Big Cow Productions
    Big Cow ProductionsMånad sedan

    11:00 That is soft censorship and self censorship from the alphabet terrorists that will try to control what you can and can't talk about. Humor is humor, and it's obvious the times are the times. Don't apologize for who you are, and *never* apologize or back down to the mob.

  • Big Cow Productions
    Big Cow ProductionsMånad sedan

    6:23 Should it not be? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🧐😁

  • Lim Pingcher
    Lim PingcherMånad sedan

    When I searched it, I got to the video it is unavailable, matpat why is it unavailable!!!!!

  • Lynx Witch
    Lynx WitchMånad sedan

    No hate to Austin... But Matpat is way better 💯

  • mergy101 Dalmatians
    mergy101 DalmatiansMånad sedan

    9:35 I hate how the second one could be a possibility

  • Cain the Chaos Deity
    Cain the Chaos DeityMånad sedan

    matpat: what was i thinking?? me: logically

  • McDuff64 TMC
    McDuff64 TMCMånad sedan

    When was I elementary school (2009 - 2015, yes I'm in high school) in science class they would show us old Bill Nye episodes, probably because it was easy for little kids to understand

  • DrGamer
    DrGamerMånad sedan

    12:56 The Nostalgia

  • Pooja Pathak
    Pooja PathakMånad sedan

    Man I remember watching Game Theory for the first time while taking a break from college classes

  • Lagging Leland
    Lagging LelandMånad sedan

    Mattpatt I haven't been watching your videos lately but I gotta say thanks for making making such awesome content for 10 years and thank you for inspiring me to make my own channel to theorize. Man 10 years I feel old

  • PixelVideos
    PixelVideosMånad sedan

    This is wonderful. I’ve been watching since 2012 or 2013, and it’s crazy that it’s been that long. The final thought and the end card song really brought old memories back. Here’s to the future. (Also I’ve really been enjoying Food Theory)

  • PhantomX
    PhantomXMånad sedan

    Um, so where's the link he's talking about

  • VEY_
    VEY_Månad sedan

    the best thing when you grow is to look at your old stuff, as an artist looking back at my stuff bring me back to my childhood and how edgy I am and not really consistent with my drawing... and the best feeling after that is feeling "growing better" you may not realize it in short term but in long run? damm you might be suprise

  • Ghosts
    GhostsMånad sedan

    I have a theory about this time travel mumbo jumbo! What if were the first time line? Were the sprout of a tree. So if were the sprout then the future never happened right. Kinda like in Marvels Endgame. They were never shown in the original. So the future never exists. The past has existed. The closest thing we have of time travel is Einstein’s theory of the speed of light. Since were moving at a very unfathomable speed, that the world starts moving faster. The only reason why that works is because the “future” is happening right there. So the reason of why the tourist of the future isn’t here is because the future hasn’t happened yet. Edit: MatPat if you see this try to prove me wrong or support my theory.

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    SaturnProductionsMånad sedan

    Thanks for fixing the music!

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  • Misfit Mania
    Misfit ManiaMånad sedan

    Anyone else notice that the pendant looks similar to the one from Freddy Fury’s Rage?

  • Irfan Hashmi
    Irfan HashmiMånad sedan

    Don't worry, you're still cringe today

  • Screamless
    ScreamlessMånad sedan

    Hey MatPat, I hope you see this. Can you find the origin of "The Game". By the way if anyone read this you lost The Game.

  • Hai Hai
    Hai HaiMånad sedan

    Can't believe it's been 10 years. JEEEEEEZ... makes me feel old just remembering it. From Pokemon being Human, Bullet Bills are weak to even Dinosaur Genetics with Chickens, you have provided the greatest amount of entertainment. Wishing Game Theory another 10 extra years of longevity.

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  • Atahann D.
    Atahann D.Månad sedan

    I really enjoyed this. I dont watch very often these days because the target audiance is a bit younger than i am but i would love to watch any remasters you do make.

  • Shrek
    ShrekMånad sedan

    Why would anyone kill their grandpa tho

  • Joy Con Boyz For life
    Joy Con Boyz For lifeMånad sedan

    Was off youtube for a little but im back and just wanted to say congrats man, hears to ten more years of destroying childhoods

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    Jackson0jonesMånad sedan

    You make scary things look funny

  • RedStingər_0
    RedStingər_0Månad sedan

    Although I don't watch the channel anymore, I still miss it. Great throwback.

  • MiNameIsPi
    MiNameIsPiMånad sedan

    3:52 exotic butters?

  • Skylrtype
    SkylrtypeMånad sedan

    This episode really rocks! What would be cool is that if you remastered the Polybius theroy, I feel like there could be some more info to add, as well as shedding some more light on it because it really interested me. But keep up the awesome work!

  • de a-animator
    de a-animatorMånad sedan

    7.50 i knoe what it means

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    epoch =/= epic you pronounce it E-pock

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    i dont care about the matpats final thought you were starting out anyways

  • Dumnado Portato
    Dumnado PortatoMånad sedan

    Bruh it's so cringe that the video link had the word sUuK

  • Vanessa Lopez
    Vanessa LopezMånad sedan

    I graduated from 8th grade in 2011 and now I’m 24…. Time sure has flown but I’ve been here every Sunday since love y’all at game theory thank you for my childhood

  • You were saying
    You were sayingMånad sedan

    10 years really flew by when this channel started I was in preschool now I’m at the end of freshman year of high school

  • Cpatt
    CpattMånad sedan

    Your welcome MatPat! Thank you so much!

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  • Dinesh Ramdeen
    Dinesh RamdeenMånad sedan

    I personally prefer the older research paper like theory’s that’s loosely tie in to the game like the first episode rather then the new approach, I also prefer the stricter use of the script because it makes the video feel like some one is explaining a research paper and relating it to a game rather then the current formula where there is a hell of a lot of cringe jokes and pandering that runes the conciseness of the videos, which the older videos had.The better audio quality and visuals of the new videos are appreciated tho.

  • lamps
    lamps2 månader sedan

    i thought it was gonna be the pyro is gay one

  • OM FG
    OM FG2 månader sedan

    Actually your 10th anneversery was april 14

  • Hamad Mannai
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    why not make a video about cicada 3301?

  • Joy Con Boyz For life

    Joy Con Boyz For life

    Månad sedan

    I'd love that

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    I love reboots

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    the pause sound is rly not a good idea. sounds like my door bell

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    Dam, video unavailable....

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    Has it really been 10 years already…? Lmao

  • Jim Strenk
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    I Typed in the link

  • Minotaur
    Minotaur2 månader sedan

    MatPat, still deep in that closet after all these years. The more things change...

  • Stinky Bean
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    now this is podracing

  • a i h p o s {sophia}
    a i h p o s {sophia}2 månader sedan

    damn i missed the og intro smmmm

  • Elias Rössel
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    I'm someone who misses the old game theory :(

  • ○buttercup○
    ○buttercup○2 månader sedan

    wait that means technically his dark materials the subtle knife is real bc it’s invisible open doors between worlds meaning you could time travel in theory *BUT THATS JUST A THEORY* *A REALITY BENDING THEORY*

  • MTF-Epsilon 11 Rasa Hound
    MTF-Epsilon 11 Rasa Hound2 månader sedan

    It's written in Hinduism that time actually doesn't exist... It's made up. It's just a cyclical serious of events that will happen again. Like a wheel. Also yeah time travel is only only possible if you are given a boon of it by one of the main deities. Even then no one has done it because lord Vishnu wouldn't let the balance of the world distort. Interesting isn't it?

  • Eric Emerick
    Eric Emerick2 månader sedan

    Awwww, 8-bit MatPat!